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The new Dyson air purifier can remove formaldehyde from the air

Dyson's new Purifier Hot+Cool Formaldehyde can eradicate even the tiniest of pollutants

Dyson today announced a new Hot+Cool air purifier designed to target pollutants smaller than 0.1 microns (that’s 0.0001 millimetres). This includes formaldehyde, the unusually minuscule ultrafine particle that gives the new Dyson air purifier its name.

The Hot+Cool Formaldehyde joins a standard Hot+Cool purifier and cheaper Cool purifier to round out a brand-new range of products designed for what the firm describes as “the indoor generation”. Apparently, we spent around 90% of our time indoors even before the pandemic, meaning the quality of the air we breath is “non-negotiable”. 

Dyson claims that the new Hot+Cool range can filter out up to 99.95% of all airborne pollutants in a room up to 81m³, using no fewer than nine individual sensors to measure air purity. Formaldehyde is one such pollutant: 500 times smaller than 0.1 microns, formaldehyde particles are clearly the white whale of air purification. Dyson has created a solid-state sensor – as opposed to the gel-based sensors of old – that deals with those microscopic pollutants by destroying them at a molecular level. 

Each Hot+Cool air purifier is also HEPA H13 certified. This applies to the entire machine, rather than just the filtration system itself, meaning in simple terms that impure air has no possible point of exit once it enters the purifier.

As the name suggests, all three Hot+Cool air purifiers also double as fans and electric heaters. Dyson claims the new Hot+Cool range can pump around 290L of cooled air around an 81m³ room every second, while the heating element can tackle a room 35m³ in size. Both modes work in tandem with the purifier, ensuring that the air being circulated is pollutant-free.

It’s also worth mentioning that the cheaper Dyson Purifier Cool is now 20% quieter in operation. Anyone who has used a fan will know that even the fanciest of Dyson models can kick up quite a fuss, so this is a real boon. 

The new Hot+Cool Formaldehyde, Hot+Cool and Cool air purifiers are available to purchase now via Dyson’s website. The Formaldehyde model comes in a white/gold colour scheme and costs a cool £599. The standard Hot+Cool is available in either black/nickel or white/silver for £549 and the cheaper Cool in white/silver for £500. You can find out more at Dyson’s website via the link below.

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