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LG RoboSense – The vacuum that follows you around the house

Video: LG's new VR9407NCAQ cylinder trundles around after you

Our favourite new device from LG’s 2015 range has to be its RoboSense walkabout vaccum cleaner, which follows you about as you clean. The cyclinder style cleaner has been robotised by the addition of a pair of direct drive motors in the wheels. Every time you step 1m away from the vaccuum its motors  kick in and the little feller trundles along behind you, no more dragging the cylinder around behind you via the hose.

Of course none of that would be any use if you were tethered to a power outlet, so this is also the first cordless cylinder we’ve seen, with a whopping 80V battery providing 40 minutes of cleaning from the 200W motor.

We gave it a quick go, up and down a slender, hard floored test area, and the VR9407NCAQ followed us pretty much perfectly, even turning when we did at the end of the run and coming back down the strip. It has sensors on the hand unit and the cylinder in order to track you accurately. It all feels effortless in use, with the cylinder gliding along behind you.

It’s a nice touch though it’ll only really be useful to those with larger rooms or long corridors, where you ahve to walk around a lot in order to cover the whole space. It has its downsides too, as the cyclinder feels pretty weighty, so what you gain on the flat becomes a problem if you have a lot of stairs and landings in your home.

The VR9407NCAQ also includes a mechanised compressor unit. Which pushes the colected dust down in order to pack in as much as possible. That should mean less trips to the bin, and so let you get your carpet cleaning done quicker.

Beyond its stand out feature, the LG Robosense VR9407NCAQ has everything you might expect of a flagship cylinder vaccuum. There’s a HEPA filter and controls on the handset to adjust the suction power. We hope to get a review sample following us faithfully around the office in the near future.

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