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Miele S8330 Solution HEPA review

Miele S8330 Solution HEPA
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Price when reviewed : £230
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A HEPA filter minimises dust for allergy sufferers, but you pay significantly more for it

Miele’s S8330 Solution HEPA has the added benefit of an active HEPA filter, which is designed to catch more dust, helping allergy and asthma sufferers. Miele quotes the vacuum as capturing 99.5 per cent of particles according to the EN 1822 specification.

It’s important to note that the EN 1822 specification quotes a 99.5 per cent collection efficiency as meeting the E12 filter class, which means this vacuum is actually an Efficiency Particulate Air filters (EPA) model. Full High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) specification under EN 1822 requires 99.95 per cent collection efficiency.

Miele S8330 Solution HEPA

The S8330 looks decidedly simple with a smooth, rounded shape that could easily have come straight from the 1980s. An integrated handle is a useful inclusion for lugging the 7.1kg machine around the house, although the castor wheels underneath let you drag it just as easily.

Inside, each 4.5 litre bag can hold significantly more dust and dirt than the average bagless vacuum. The bag compartment is accessed by pressing the release button near the handle, while the bag itself is simply pulled free from its locking mechanism with only a small amount of force. Each four-bag refill pack costs £10, which should last you about six months and also includes replacement filters.

As well as an accessory compartment, which hides the upholstery nozzle, dusting brush and crevice nozzle within the vacuum, the S8330 also includes a spare brush specifically for parquet floors and a turbo brush with spinning bristles that works best on sofas and curtains. A Telescopic tube makes it easier to reach corners and out-of-reach areas like the tops of cupboards, extending the total reach to 11m when the 6.5m cable is fully outstretched. An auto-rewind button quickly withdraws the cable when you’re finished cleaning.

Suction power at 31kPa shows that this is a powerful vacuum cleaner, dropping to 30.5kPa when the bag was full. However, the cleaner has a 2,200W motor in it, so it needs a lot of electricity. We’ve seen other cleaners with similar suction draw a fraction of the power.

Using the maximum suction setting out of a choice of six, we collected 98 per cent of our total sample set from carpet. This was partly down to the brush design, which hugs the surface you’re sweeping tightly and sometimes knocked material away from the brush, rather than collect it. Turning the suction down alleviates this somewhat, as it doesn’t stick to the floor so aggressively.

In use at the maximum suction setting, the S8330 was quite intrusive, although it’s only rated at 57dB9A).

Ultimately, whether the S8330 is right for you will depend on how important you consider dust filtration or whether you suffer from allergies. At £230, it’s quite an expensive cleaner and the AEG Ultracaptic Animal is cheaper, more powerful and uses less electricity.



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