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How to watch Westworld: Watch every episode of season four, and catch up on the first three seasons

Westworld Season 4 premieres on Monday, 27 June, in the UK. Here's how to watch every episode and catch up on the first three seasons

Season four of the smash-hit, HBO sci-fi show Westworld premieres on Sunday, 26 June on HBO in the US and Monday, 27 June, at 9pm on Sky Atlantic and Now’s Entertainment Membership in the UK.

There will be a new episode every week on each of the platforms, after which you can watch it on the relevant catch-up service. If you need a memory-refresh, like the characters in the show, we’ll tell you how to re-watch the first three seasons of this mind-boggling, but thoroughly-gripping TV series.

Since its first season in 2016, Westworld’s mystery and intrigue have captivated viewers the world over, presenting audiences with relatable characters, engaging narratives and philosophical quandaries. If you’re in the mood to rewatch this sci-fi epic or are looking to jump in and find out what all the buzz is about, you’ll be glad to learn that the first three seasons are currently available to watch on multiple streaming services regardless of where in the world you live.

Considering how much has happened throughout the show’s run, it’s a good idea to start binge-watching the first three seasons, as Westworld is one of those rare shows that can happily leave you with more questions than answers. In some cases, you may even need to rewatch an episode or two to fully join the dots.

Fortunately, regardless of where you live, you can watch every Westworld episode right now and prepare yourselves for the much-anticipated fourth season.

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What is Westworld about?

Westworld is based on the 1973-film of the same name. Adopting the themes and setting of the movie while expanding and deepening the premise.

Westworld initially takes place in a fictional theme park, which recreates the wonder of the Wild West. Visitors can pay to experience this recreation and even interact with lifelike AI designed to replicate the appearance and behaviours of those who lived in the lawless west.

When the AI start developing sentience, however, they soon decide they no longer wish to be used as humanity’s plaything, leading to a series of revelations, betrayals and moral quandaries that have shocked and intrigued the fanbase in equal measure. Upon first airing, the show earned immediate praise, quickly developing a reputation for mature and thought-provoking storytelling.

With a unique concept, fascinating characters and an immersive world, Westworld has continued to impress with each new season. Not surprisingly, the series has been nominated for and received numerous awards, including a Critics’ Choice Television Award for Most Exciting New Series and a number of Prime Time Emmy awards.

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How to watch Westworld in the UK: Sky TV

If you live in the UK, you can watch every episode of season four of Westworld live, as it airs weekly on Sky Atlantic. You can also catch up on episodes you missed, as well as the first three seasons, via Sky Box Sets. Box Sets was originally a paid extra, but is now included in Sky’s entry-level package, which costs £26 a month and includes the base Sky channels as well as Netflix. Sky Box Sets gives you access to over 500 UK and US series on-demand, with new shows added every week. You can also watch content on the go on any of your devices using Sky Go.

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How to watch Westworld in the UK: Now Entertainment Membership

If you don’t want to sign up to a long-term contract like Sky TV’s, your best option to watch every episode of Westworld is to sign up for Now’s Entertainment Membership. Now is a Sky service that has different packages that you can subscribe to for different content. Its Entertainment Membership will let you rewatch every episode of Westworld on your PC, mobile device or gaming console – you can even cast content to your TV, if you’re so inclined.

Apart from this, the Entertainment Membership gives you access to live TV channels including Sky Atlantic, Comedy Central and National Geographic, as well as over 300 box sets, including Succession, Euphoria, The Staircase and more. Currently, this plan will set you back £19.98 per month.

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How to watch Westworld in the US: HBO Max

Since Westworld is an HBO production, it makes sense that you’d be able to watch every episode using their streaming service, HBO Max. All you have to do is sign-up below, with plans starting at $9.99 monthly.

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How to watch Westworld in Canada: Crave

If you’re based in Canada, you can watch Westworld on the popular streaming service, Crave. The first three seasons are available to stream on Crave, which costs $9.99 per month for the most basic package. Crave also offers premium packages, Starz as an add-on and gives you the option to pay annually at a reduced price.

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How to watch Westworld in Australia: Foxtel Now and Binge

If you live in Australia and want to watch Westworld, then signing up to Foxtel Now or Binge is your best option. Foxtel Now offers a 10-day trial and costs $25/mth for the entry-level Essentials Package, which includes basic Sky channels, Foxtel Originals, HBO and more. Binge offers plans ranging from $10 – $18/mth and boasts an impressive back catalogue as well as recent hit shows such as The Staircase, Irma Vep and Barry.

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How to watch Westworld anywhere in the world: use a good VPN service

Thanks to the abundance of different streaming services, you can watch Westworld in most countries around the world. However, some streaming websites geo-block content, meaning you can’t access shows, like Westworld, when you’re travelling outside the country.

To get over this hurdle, you need to use a VPN. This will not only shield all your browsing traffic – meaning no one (neither your ISP nor any trackers) will be able to know what you’re doing online – but also allow you to spoof your PC’s location, so you can virtually browse from anywhere in the world that you want. We’ve listed the best VPN services below. Simply choose the one you want, change your location to the country you live in and stream Westworld as if you were watching from your sofa at home.

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Based on all the VPNs we’ve tested, ExpressVPN is our favourite and fastest VPN of 2019. This means that you can watch Westworld lag-free on any of the services we’ve mentioned above, regardless of where you are browsing from. It’s the fastest VPN we’ve tested, has 24/7 customer support and useful online tutorials, so you’ll never have an issue.

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NordVPN is another one of our favourites. You can use it on six devices simultaneously, meaning you and a group of friends can simultaneously stream Westworld regardless of where you are. NordVPN shares many of the same brilliant features as EXpressVPN, including 24/7 customer support, useful tutorials and support for a wide range of devices. It has even undergone a successful audit to prove that it doesn’t store any user data.

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