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How to watch The Big Bang Theory in the UK, US and abroad

Here's how to catch-up with Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard and Raj anywhere in the world

If there was ever a TV program that split opinions, The Big Bang Theory is it. The sitcom debuted in 2007 and ran for 12 years, concluding its final season in May 2019.

And while the show was hailed for giving coverage to a then-fresh demographic of scientifically literate subjects (read: boffins), people have long since complained about its formulaic jokes and flat comedy.

Others, however, treat the show with cult-like reverence. And there are stats to prove it: The Big Bang Theory was re-commissioned for 12 series, amassing huge sums that allowed the three main characters to earn $1 million per episode in the show’s final seasons.

To date, it’s been nominated for 46 Emmys, winning seven, and spawned an entire prequel series based on its protagonist, Young Sheldon, in 2017.

The show follows the trials and tribulations of Caltech physicists Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and their hallmate Penny (Kaley Cuoco), an aspiring actress.

Friends Howard (Simon Helberg) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar) – a conventionally uncool aerospace engineer and similarly nerdy astrophysicist – also star, along with a technicolour slew of the main characters’ love interests.

There’s also the odd cameo from real-life industry professionals: astrophysicist and Nobel laureate George Smoot cropped up in season two, while Professor Steven Hawking appeared in a season five episode.

Whether you’re revisiting The Big Bang Theory like it’s an old friend, or you’re getting into the cult sitcom for the first time, we’ve collated the best ways to stream and download Netflix, so you can watch it no matter where you live.

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How to watch The Big Bang Theory in the UK and Europe: Netflix

The Big Bang Theory is available to stream on Netflix for free (subscription fees aside, that is). Subscribers will be able to view the first 11 seasons of the show on the platform.

Meanwhile, those hell-bent on watching season 12 will have to search elsewhere; Netflix doesn’t yet own the rights and given that the final series only aired in May of this year, it might be quite some time until The Big Bang Theory comes to the platform.

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Netflix subscriptions start at £5.99/mth for the Basic package, which lets you stream on one device at a time. The Standard tariff costs £7.99, letting users stream on two devices at once, while the Premium package is £9.99, supports Ultra HD and lets you watch on up for four screens at once – ideal for larger families.

It’s worth noting that the first 11 series of The Big Bang Theory are also available to stream on Netflix Portugal, Spain and Netherlands.Of course, Netflix prices in those regions will differ, but if you use a good VPN service, you simply need any Netflix subscription, after which you can simply change your location to the UK to access content on the UK Netflix library.

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How to watch The Big Bang Theory in the UK: Amazon

If you’re not signed up to Netflix and don’t want to be, but still want to watch Leonard, Penny and the gang, one option is to buy The Big Bang Theory on Amazon.Here, there are two ways you can do it.

You can buy digital copies of the show, which cost upwards of £1.89 per SD episode and £10.49 for the entire first season. Plus, purchasing the title on Amazon is also a good way to watch season 12, which isn’t on Netflix; the final season costs £1.89 per SD episode and £17.99 for the entire season.

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Meanwhile, if you’re part of the rare breed that still uses DVDs, you can also purchase a tangible box set. Seasons 1-11 are available for £79 on DVD or £63 on Blu-ray via Amazon.

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How to watch The Big Bang Theory in the US: Amazon

Frustratingly, the Big Bang Theory isn’t available on Amazon Prime Video in the US. However, Amazon users can subscribe to a CBS All Access package on Amazon, which will grant them access to all twelve seasons of the show.

The subscription costs $5.99/mth – although there’s a free seven-day trial up for grabs if you’re not sure the service is for you yet.

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If you’re keen to avoid another direct debit commitment, you can purchase the show on Amazon too. The box set of seasons 1-11 are available to buy here, while you can download episodes from $1.99 a pop here.

How to watch The Big Bang Theory in the US: Sling

Amazon not your jam? Sling is a streaming service that’ll let you watch The Big Bang Theory wherever you are. It’s only available stateside though, so make sure you’re a US-dweller before trying to sign up.

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How to watch The Big Bang Theory abroad: use a good VPN service

If you’re trying to access your regular streaming platform abroad, you may find your physical location prevents you from doing so via geoblock. In instances like these, it’s best to use a VPN.

Apart from letting you access content and websites that are blocked in your country, a good VPN service will also keep all your browsing activity private, including from your ISP and mobile service provider.

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We’ve rounded up our pick of VPNs so you can watch The Big Bang Theory wherever you may be in the world. Because nobody should have to go without its light comedic relief for long stretches of time.

ExpressVPN: Fast and effective, ExpressVPN comes with 24-hour customer support, so you’re not left hankering after user guidance. We awarded it number one of all the VPN services we’ve tried, so it’s safe to say Express comes heartily recommended. Our readers get three months free on the one-month plan, saving you a cool 49% off the cost price.

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Surfshark VPN: This one’s a newbie with some serious allure. Founded as recently as 2018, Surfshark has the functionality and features set of a far more mature service. If supports Netflix, iPlayer and torrents, and is compatible with unlimited devices. With prices starting as low as £1.59/mth, there’s a lot to recommend this fresh-faced, high-functioning VPN.

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