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How to watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Marvel’s latest TV series is now available to stream

You can now watch Marvel's new TV series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier anywhere in the world

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a six-episode TV miniseries starring Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, who Marvel fans will already be familiar with as Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier and Sam Wilson/The Falcon respectively, from their appearances in MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movies such as Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. The show will stream one episode weekly every Friday, exclusively on Disney Plus worldwide. Similar to WandaVision, the show is produced by Marvel Studios and takes place after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is written by Malcolm Spellman, and all six episodes are directed by Kari Skogland, who is mostly known for her directorial work on episodes of popular television shows such as The Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire, Vikings, House of Cards, and Marvel’s Punisher. The series will see the two titular Marvel characters team up for a globe-spanning adventure of action and espionage.

Marvel latest TV series is canonically part of “Phase Four” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, following in the groundwork laid by WandaVision, as several upcoming Marvel shows will continue to do in the near future. It is the second TV show produced by Marvel Studios.

Like other Marvel movies and TV series, including WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was originally slated for an August 2020 release, but filming and production were heavily impacted by the pandemic. Secretly, we couldn’t be happier that the series is premiering now, following closely on the heels of WandaVision that gave Marvel fans something to cheer about again after a very long time.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will run one episode weekly until 23 April 2021. Following in its wake is another hotly-anticipated Marvel villain-centric series Loki, starring fan-favourite Avengers star Tom Hiddleston in the title role, set to start streaming in June later this year. Also set for a 2021 release date is the postponed Black Widow movie, starring Scarlett Johannsen, as well as Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, which is also expected this summer.

With Disney releasing its big-budget movies on Disney Plus, such as the live-action Mulan remake back in March 2020, and other streaming platforms such as HBO Max releasing movies, such as the 2021 reboot of Mortal Kombat in April 2021, there’s hope that several of these Marvel movies will come to Disney Plus shortly after its release this year.

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How to watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Disney Plus

The only way to watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is by purchasing a Disney Plus subscription. The platform hosts all of the current Marvel content, as well as Star Wars, Pixar, National Geographic, Star, and all original Disney programming, of course. Disney recently added a sixth-brand Star to its UK catalogue, instantly expanding its library by over 75 TV shows and 250 movies.

Disney Plus subscription plans vary depending on where you live. Currently, in the UK, Disney Plus costs £7.99 for a monthly subscription, or £79.90 annually. Similarly, if you live in the United States, the service costs you $69.99 annually until 26 March 2021. After this date, the service increases slightly in price to $7.99 per month or $79.99 a year for new and existing subscribers.

There are no free trials offered by the streaming service, so if you’re interested in other upcoming Marvel movies and TV shows, and looking to binge-watch your favourites from the MCU in anticipation of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, your best bet is to go for a monthly subscription and then upgrade to an annual one.

You can read our in-depth Disney Plus review to find out if the service is worth your time and money. However, if you’re a fan of adult animation (such as American Dad and Family Guy), American shows (such as Scrubs, Bones, and Grey’s Anatomy), or any of the aforementioned content above, then we think there’s more than enough to sink your teeth into, especially as many of us are still at home.

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How to watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier abroad: use a good VPN service

Since the service launched in the US in late 2019, Disney Plus has continued to be one of the fastest-growing streaming services available internationally, recently announcing that it now has more than 100 million worldwide subscribers. With the Marvel franchise being the box office juggernaut that it is, it’s highly likely that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be available for the majority of these subscribers from 19 March. But if you’re living in a country that doesn’t have access to the service, or your particular version of Disney Plus lacks The Falcon and the Winter Soldier for whatever reason, then your only way to get around these restrictions is by subscribing to a good VPN service.

A VPN is an incredibly handy tool that instantly secures all your browsing traffic by encrypting your internet traffic into a data tunnel, thereby masking your IP address, so that you can appear as though you’re from anywhere in the world. In a nutshell, this means that you can be sitting in Spain and “trick” your device into thinking that you’re in the US or UK.

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Most VPNs achieve this with a user-initiative server browser that’s available on your computer or smartphone, enabling you to change your location in the eyes of those devices, gaming consoles, or any other smart devices in your home that can connect to your Wi-Fi network.

To watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier connect to a US or UK server, then log into Disney Plus to begin streaming the show. Of course, you will need a Disney+ subscription if you don’t have one already, but using a VPN will ensure the setup is swift and easy. We’ve used, and thoroughly tested, many different VPN services throughout the years, and here are the two best choices for watching Marvel’s new TV show that everyone is excited about.

ExpressVPN: ExpressVPN has topped our best VPN list for several years in a row now for a reason; it has the fastest servers out of all the different VPNs we’ve tested, and you can be sure that your connection stays safely encrypted. Should problems arise when accessing Disney Plus, ExpressVPN has 24/7 customer support to tackle your queries. The service comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try it with confidence. Use the below link to get three months for free when you sign up to an annual plan.

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NordVPN: Equally strong in many respects is the service offered by NordVPN. Similarly to ExpressVPN, you can expect around-the-clock customer support and a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. NordVPN may not be as speedy as ExpressVPN, but to compensate, it does come in slightly cheaper. You can also use this service across six different devices at any one time, ensuring full coverage. Use our link for a hefty saving on your two-year plan.

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