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Best induction pan 2023: Our favourite singles and sets for your kitchen

Cook up a storm in the kitchen with our top pick of induction pans that work perfectly with your induction hob.

When it comes to cooking up a storm in the kitchen, having the best induction pans is a must. Whilst not everyone has one, there are many benefits for cooking with an induction hob when compared to other methods. A big one is safety, since there’s no risk of something (like a tea towel) catching on fire, like there is with an open flame. But there’s also a few other great reasons why using induction pans in your cooking is a good idea: induction hobs are thought to heat up your food much quicker-which not only means there’s less standing around and more time to enjoy your food. This also means it can help lower your energy bills too.

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Although induction cooking has lots of benefits, it’s worth noting that you do need different cookware compared to other hobs. When you use an induction hob, it heats up through something called magnetic conduction because it has a copper coil under its surface. Induction pans have magnetic properties (and this is what heats your food up) so if a pan doesn’t have this, it isn’t an induction and just won’t heat your food up.

The good news is there’s lots of pans that are specifically designed to work with your induction hob. Whether you’re looking for a brand new pan set, saute pans or high-end offerings, here’s our roundup of the best induction pans to invest in today.

Best induction pans: At a glance

How to choose the best induction pan for you

How do I know if my pan is induction?

The first thing is to check when purchasing, the product description should make clear if it’s specifically designed for induction-hobs or if it’s a pan that’s suitable for all different kinds of cooking surfaces. If you’ve recently moved over to induction cooking and are not sure if your current pan can be used on an induction hob then its sometimes recommended to do the magnet test: if a magnet sticks to the bottom of it, then chances are it will work on your hob as induction hobs work via magnetic conduction.

How much should I spend?

How much you spend really depends on your budget. There are induction-pans on the market that are around the £20 mark and there’s other that are almost ten times that. Of course, at the higher end of the market, you’re more likely to have a pan that lasts and lasts (which may be a big plus for keen chefs but less of an issue for students kitting out a kitchen). More expensive pans are often more durable and have a better non-stick coating, which means it doesn’t need replacing as often. It also depends on the type of cooking you do: you may decide to opt for a set but with many single pans having multiple uses, those cooking for one might not need to purchase multiples.

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Which materials work best for an induction pan?

Whilst all induction pans need to be magnetic to work with induction hobs, there’s still a range of materials you can opt for. Cast iron pans are one option: they’re really durable and are thought to a healthier method of cooking because you don’t need to use much (if any) oil. Stainless steel is another option and usually more affordable. Pans made from other materials like aluminium and copper aren’t usually compatible with induction hobs as standard but there are some exceptions.

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The best induction pans you can buy in 2023

1. Easy Pro Non-Stick Saute Pan: Best saute induction pan

Price: £95 | Buy now from Kuhn Rikon

A versatile non-stick saute pan which can be used for frying, braising and sauteing and on all types of hobs. The pan, which uses energy efficient Aluminum, can also be used up to 240 degrees in the oven, so it’s perfect for one-pan dinners and saving on the washing up. This saute pan was a great size and the perfect balance between not being too heavy and not too light. It cooked everything we threw at it (including cooking in the oven) without a hint of anything sticking to the surface thanks to its 3 layer coating. The accompanying glass lid is also great for keeping the heat in whilst simmering things like risottos and stews.

Key specs – Capacity: N/A; Material: aluminium; Dishwasher safe? Yes; Oven Safe? Yes; up to 240c

Buy now from Kuhn Rikon

2. 28cm Induction Saute Pan, Von Haus: Best budget induction pan

Price: £25 | Buy now from Von Haus

This sauté pan offers great value for money. Whilst many aluminium pans don’t work on induction pans, this one uses induction technology so it will work perfectly with your induction hob. It’s a great size: a 3.2 litre capacity makes it great for batch cooking (we tried a family sized chilli in it, and it worked a treat) and it also comes with a glass lid. It’s a really lightweight pan (so not as sturdy as some of the more expensive models) but the surface was still decent: it felt completely non-stick and was a doddle to clean. A great all-round budget pan.

Key specs – Capacity: 3.2 litres; Material: aluminium; Dishwasher safe? No; Oven safe? No

Buy now from Von Haus

3. 26cm Square Cast Iron American Grill Cherry: Best induction pan for meat lovers

Price: £149 | Buy now from Zwilling

Add a pop of colour to your kitchen with this red grill pan from Staub. Made from cast iron, this pan felt the weighest of the bunch (it’s really solid) and is particularly ideal for cooking meat-since it sears really beautifully; keeps the heat in for longer (meaning you can cook at a lower temperature for longer) and is a great size. It passed the steak test and grilled them to perfection.

As well as being induction, the pan is suitable for all types of cookers, with the option to use it in the oven to finish off a meal; making it a great multi-purpose product. The cast iron pan’s enamel is completely scratch-resistant when cooking so no need to worry about your utensils causing damage.

Key specs – Capacity: 2.2 litres; Material: cast iron; Dishwasher safe? Yes; Oven safe? Yes, up to 240c

Buy now from Zwilling

4. Campden Saucepan Set, 2 Piece: Best overall induction pan set.

Price: £135 | Buy now from Robert Welch

This 2 piece set consists of 2 saucepans, a 2.2 litre and a more generous 3.2 litre. Made from 18/10 stainless steel (this type of stainless style is known for it’s extra-shine and being really durable), these pans boast efficient heat distribution (with a copper bottom) and despite being steel, the pans have cool touch handles. The handles are a great selling point-they’re designed to be longer in length, and as a result, really easy to grip and handle. Each pan comes with a 25 year guarantee and feel as if they’re truly built to last, are easy to clean (they even come with a polishing cloth meaning these pans wouldn’t look out of place at a show home) and were completely non-stick. A worthy investment.

Key specs – Capacity: 2.2 litre and 3.2 litre; Material: 18/10 stainless steel; Dishwasher safe? Yes; Oven safe? Yes, up to 220c.

Buy now from Robert Welch

5. Ultimate Non-Stick Saucepan 3 Piece Set: Best induction pan set for big kitchens

Price: £135 | Buy now from Zyliss UK

Another saucepan set option is the 3 piece by Zyliss UK. Consisting of three different pans to cover every kitchen need (the largest is great for rice, pasta and potato whilst the smallest is perfect for veg and poaching egg). all with lots of benefits. The pans can be used with all types of tools (even metal ones) and there’s no need to use any kind of oil when cooking thanks to its impressive non-stick-we put it to the test with frying onions without oil and it worked a treat. Their ergonomic handles are super sturdy and built to last. One drawback is we found that unlike some pans, the size of the pan need to match the hob ring perfectly to work so you do need to spend a minute ensuring it’s lined up correctly.

Key specs – Capacity: 1.5 litre, 2 litre and 2.6 litre; Material: aluminium; Dishwasher safe? Yes; Oven Safe? Yes, up to 180c

Buy now from Zyliss UK

6. Cast Iron Frying Pan with Wooden Handle, Le Crueset: Best high-end induction pan

Price: from £175 | Buy now from Le Crueset

When it comes to cookware, Le Cruset are market leaders-so you know you’re in good hands with their cast iron frying pan. Available in 11 stylish statement colours, this pan looks the part in any kitchen and justifies its price tag with the use of cast iron that promises to help distribute heat evenly and seal flavour. The wooden handle (with additional support handle) not only looks great but is designed specifically to stay cool, with an added ergonomic design to help grip. It looks super sleek but it’s deceptive weighty. At first, we found that the non-stick wasn’t as great as other pans and left a little residue behind but this layer is actually designed to build as you use the pan more (cleaning the pan with water only makes sure this develops) to ensure it’s a non-stick that doesn’t wear off.

It cooks particularly well on a lower heat and works wonders on browning meats and cooking fish evenly.

Key specs – Capacity: 2 litres; Material: Cast iron; Dishwasher safe? No; Oven Safe? No

Buy now from Le Crueset

7. 26cm Stainless Steel Tri-Ply Non-Stick Chefs Pan: Best investment induction pan.

Price: £155 | Buy now from Samuel Groves

Samuel Groves are a British cookware manufacturer that’s been in operation for almost 200 years. Not only are you investing in a British institution but a pan that takes ‘built to last’ to another level, with the pan coming with a lifetime guarantee (and the non-stick can be refurbished once it eventually wears out). So what makes this pan worth the £135 price tag? Well, other than its lifespan, it’s also multi-functional: this 20cm pan combines the functionality of frying pan, saute pan and a wok.

One thing we loved is that it has the capacity of a deeper saucepan with high sides, which means unlike many shallow frying pans, your sauce doesn’t bubble over or splash the surface when stirring. We used it instead of our usual Wok and were really impressed: the ergonomic handles were a dream (making it slick and easy to manoeuvre despite it being actually a really solid pan)  and the way the pan is curved means your spoons actually reach the entire base when you’re stirring sauces-making sure heat and flavour are distributed evenly all the way through and there’s no clumps or sticking.

Key specs: Material: Stainless Steel; Dishwasher Safe? No; Oven Safe? Yes-up to 230c.

Buy now from Samuel Groves

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