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Extreme drop test: A MacBook Air fell 1,000ft and SURVIVED

MacBook Air falls 1000ft

Apple MacBook Air falls out of aeroplane, spirals into the ground and survives

If Apple ever needs a story to prove that its MacBook Air line is as tough as it is thin, it should tell the one about the laptop that fell 1,000ft and survived to tell the tale.

Reddit user av80r was flying over South Africa in his Sports Cruiser light aircraft, when his canopy popped open and his bag fell out and plummeted towards to the ground and a farmer, called Malopo.

According to av80r, “Malopo claimed that he heard a whistling sound and when he looked up he saw a bag hurtling towards him. He took one step to the left and it landed where he was standing.”

Impressively, Malopo retrieved the MacBook and contents of the bag, including a pilot’s licence, looked the owner up on Facebook and returned the MacBook to him in, more or less, one piece. Although still in a working state, with an undamaged screen, the laptop’s cooling system was broken and the touchpad, which is made of glass, had shattered. The laptop was also a little bent, as av80r’s images show.

The fact that the laptop was in any working state is impressive, given the height it was dropped from and the fact that gravity would be accelerating its descent at 9.8m per second per second, not to mention that the plane was travelling at 200km/h.

This MacBook Air isn’t the only long-distance free-fall survivor. During World War 2, Nicholas Alkemade couldn’t reach his parachute when his Avro Lancaster was shot down. He had no alternative but to jump without one, falling 18,000ft to the ground, where pine trees and soft snow broke his fall. Incredibly he only suffered a sprained leg: a fact that made the Gestapo initially suspicious and almost led to his execution. Only when the Gestapo examined the wreckage of his plane and found the burnt remains of Alkemade’s parachute, did they believe his story.

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