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The 5-star Simba Hybrid Pro mattress is now cheaper for Cyber Monday

You can currently get a fantastic 45% off the five-star Simba Hybrid Pro mattress in the Cyber Monday sale

In a striking Cyber Monday deal, the Simba Hybrid Pro mattress, which we awarded five stars and an Expert Reviews Best Buy award, sees its price plummet from £1,749 to a mere £962 for the king-size version. That’s a wonderful 45% discount.

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Simba’s Hybrid Pro distinguishes itself as the most comfortable bed-in-a-box mattress we’ve ever tested. The key to its superior comfort is the addition of a unique wool layer beneath the top cover, which is designed to regulate temperature effectively. This feature, along with its supportive and comfortable design, sets it apart from other mattresses​​​​ we’ve reviewed.

The design intricacies of the Hybrid Pro also stand out. It incorporates two layers of micro springs beneath its open-cell foam layer, creating a balanced blend of support and bounce. This design not only enhances the comfort but also caters to various sleeping positions, making it versatile for different types of sleepers​​.

At 280mm thick, the Simba Hybrid Pro is compatible with most fitted sheets, despite being thicker than its regular counterpart. The non-removable top cover emphasizes the need for a quality mattress protector, adding to its overall durability and hygiene. The 200-night trial period that accompanies the Hybrid Pro also gives you a chance to try out the mattress before you fully commit to buying.

The initial pricing of the Hybrid Pro placed it at the higher end of the market. Yet, this significant Black Friday reduction transforms it from a premium-priced mattress to a more accessible luxury. This deal provides an opportunity to experience a product that was previously considered a high-end option at a much more affordable price​​.

Comfort, of course, is where the Simba Hybrid Pro truly shines. The wool layer provides a unique texture and reduces the sinking feeling typical of foam mattresses, enhancing the overall sleep experience. Its ability to maintain a cool temperature, even during warmer nights, is a significant advantage over other foam-based mattresses. This is complemented by its excellent support levels, whether used on a sprung slatted base or a solid foundation​​.

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In summary, this offer on the Simba Hybrid Pro king-size mattress represents an exceptional deal for anyone seeking to invest in a high-quality, comfortable, and supportive sleep. At £962, it’s an investment in sleep comfort, backed by a comprehensive 200-night trial and the highest level of endorsement from Expert Reviews.