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How to cancel Twitch Prime

Here’s how to get out of Twitch Prime while keeping your Amazon Prime account

Twitch Prime is Amazon’s social gaming service that lets you download free games with added benefits. It’s one part of the larger Amazon Prime subscription service, which costs £7.99/month.

Thankfully, you don’t need to go through the ringer to get out of Twitch Prime. If games like The Walking Dead and Runescape aren’t your thing, and you’re not sold on the idea of exclusive loot, then read on to learn where to hit ‘quit’ on Amazon Twitch Prime.

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How to cancel Twitch Prime

Make sure you are logged in to your Amazon account to access your information. To cancel Twitch Prime, you must be logged on to the same account that you used to sign up to Amazon Prime.

1. Head over to the Amazon site and login if you haven’t already.

2. Click the drop down box under your account name in the top right corner and select ‘My Account’.

3. Scroll to ‘Settings’ and click on ‘Manage Prime Membership’.

4. Find your Twitch account.

5. Hit the ‘Cancel’ button for the Twitch account.

Will this cancel my Amazon Prime account?

Cancelling your Twitch Prime account will not cancel your Amazon Prime subscription. Think of Amazon Prime as one big umbrella with other subscription services falling under it. Some you get for free and others come at an extra cost. Twitch Prime comes under Amazon Prime free of charge, so you won’t be at a loss if you leave.

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What happens after I cancel?

You won’t be charged anything in the next billing period after you have cancelled, as the service is readily accessible through your Prime membership. You will however continue to be charged as normal for your Amazon Prime subscription.

Keen to give the gaming service a go but don’t want to fork out just yet? You can always sign-up for Amazon’s 30-day-free trial which lets you test run the subscription free of charge. This is the best way to test out all the benefits of the service without it costing you a dime.

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