Devolo dLAN 200 AV USB extender review

Barry de la Rosa
16 Jun 2011
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An interesting idea, but the fact that each USB device can only be associated with one computer, and its low file transfer speeds, limit the 200 AV USB extender's appeal


As well as send network data, Devolo's latest HomePlug AV kit lets you communicate with USB devices over your home's wiring. This kit comes with a normal HomePlug AV adaptor, with a single Ethernet port but no pass-through power socket, plus the new USB-equipped unit. The latter is also available separately on its own for £57 (part code 01562).

Setting up the HomePlug AV network was simple. A large, fold-out guide comes in the box, and displays the steps to set up the network in easy-to-understand graphics. Security is as simple as pushing a button on one unit then the other to make the connection. A CD in the box contains the Devolo Cockpit software, which shows all connected HomePlug devices and lets you name them or assign specific IP addresses.

Devolo dLAN 200 AV USB extender ports

Once you've installed a driver under Windows, you can use the Cockpit software to manage USB devices. Any drives plugged into the USB extender will show up in Windows as new drive letters. If you unplug a drive it sometimes doesn’t register in the Cockpit software, so you have to set it as disconnected manually or it won’t show up when you plug it in again.

To attach a printer, it's best to install its driver first then plug it into the USB extender, after which it will appear as a printer in Windows. We printed a 40MB file through the extender and also with the printer connected directly to our laptop, and didn't notice any difference in printing times.

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