Onkyo TX-NR609 review

Tom Morgan
1 Jul 2011
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It’s great when used as a basic amplifier, but the NR609’s extra features make it practically unbeatable


An AV amplifier can do much more than just drive your speakers. Onkyo's latest model, the TX-NR609, is an excellent amplifier which is also packed with extra features.

Initial impressions were excellent; the unit is smart and well made. Our review sample came in black, but Onkyo also produces a silver version. Most of the basic functions can be controlled on the unit itself using the numerous input switches and oversized volume knob, which lights up when switched on, but you’ll soon want to reach for the utilitarian remote control to navigate some of the more in-depth settings menus.

Onkyo TX-NR609 remote

A simple yet attractive two-line LCD display shows which input is currently active, as well as volume and any active audio processing features.

Onkyo TX-NR609

Unlike many basic amplifiers, changing settings on the NR609 was simple because all the menus appear as an on-screen overlay on the connected display, as well in brief on the front-facing LCD. Menus are responsive and the remote control makes it easy to navigate through them.

Most AV receivers hide all their connections at the back, but the NR609 has several front-facing ports that make it easier to connect something temporarily, without having to reach around the back in a scramble for cables. A single HDMI input, headphone, microphone and USB ports cover all the major bases; the USB port is compatible with the optional wireless adaptor (£50, part code UWF-1), but for that price you can buy a pair of faster HomePlug network adaptors.