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Panasonic unveils its TV lineup for 2023

The range comprises five OLEDs, including two which run Android TV, and two LCD models, the more expensive of which has a Mini LED backlight

Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic has debuted its new TV range, which includes a selection of OLED (MZ) and LED (MX) models.

At a launch event in Berlin on Tuesday, 13 June, the company showcased six new 4K HDR models – the Panasonic MZ1500, MZ980, MZ800, MZ700, MX950 and MZ800 – alongside the Panasonic MZ2000, which it first unveiled at CES in January.

The first to be released is the MZ800, which will be available in either June or July, with the MZ2000, MZ1500 and MZ980 following in August. The remainder of the lineup will hit the market in either September or October.

We’ve provided prices for a few of the models and included them below, though, with the exception of the MZ800, these are subject to change ahead of release.

Panasonic MZ2000

The Panasonic MZ2000 is the company’s most advanced OLED television yet and, like its predecessor, the excellent LZ2000, comes in 55in, 65in and 77in sizes. It’s powered by Panasonic’s HCX Pro AI processor, runs the my Home Screen 8.0 operating system and uses a Master OLED Pro panel complete with Micro Lens Array technology. This, plus a new heat management system, allows it to hit higher peak brightness than last year’s model.

  • TX-65MZ2000B: £3,600
  • TX-55MZ2000B: £2,700

The two smaller models have front-firing speakers to deliver a more immersive audio experience and gaming features have also received an upgrade, with support for Nvidia G-Sync, a True Game mode, source-based tone mapping and various game-specific sound modes.

Panasonic MZ1500

A step down from the MZ2000, the Panasonic MZ1500 OLED comes in 55in and 65in screen sizes. It uses the same Master OLED PRO panel and HCI Pro AI Processor but doesn’t have the Micro Lens Array technology found on the MZ2000. It does, however, support Panasonic’s Auto AI, which analyses the incoming picture signal and optimises picture quality based on the type of content you’re watching.

It also utilises the company’s Streaming 4K Remaster algorithm to upscale lower-resolution content and supports a range of HDR formats, including HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. A new built-in front-firing speaker and subwoofer allow it to take full advantage of its support for Dolby Atmos and Panasonic’s Dynamic Theatre Surround Pro technology.

Alexa is built-in and there’s support for Google Assistant voice functionality via compatible devices, too.

  • TX-65MZ1500B: £2,900
  • TX-55MZ1500B: £2,200

Panasonic MZ980

The Panasonic MZ980 caters to those looking for great OLED picture quality in a smaller package as it’s only being released in 42in, 48in and 55in screen sizes. Like the MZ2000 and MZ1500, it supports Nvidia G-Sync and various other HDMI 2.1 gaming features.

It incorporates the same HCX Pro AI Processor as both the MZ2000 and MZ1500, offers the same HDR format support (HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision), as well as the same Theatre Surround Pro sound technology.

  • TX-55MZ980B: £2,100
  • TX-48MZ980B: £1,700
  • TX-42MZ980B: £1,600

Panasonic MZ800 and MZ700

These OLED TVs run the Android TV OS rather than Panasonic’s My Home Screen and miss out on G-Sync but add a 65in model to the size options the MZ980 is available in. They come with a minimalist, frameless design that should make them a popular choice for those seeking a more budget-friendly entry point into Panasonic’s OLED range.

Gaming support is extensive, with the full suite of HDMI 2.1 features available alongside Panasonic’s Game Mode and access to Twitch Google Play, which provides quick access to your videos, photos and more. Chromecast is built-in and there’s a Google Assistant button on the included remote to facilitate easy voice control.

  • TX-65MZ800B: £2,100
  • TX-55MZ800B: £1,600

Panasonic MX950

The more advanced of the two LED LCD options in the 2023 lineup, the Panasonic MX950 uses a Mini LED backlight and the same HCX Pro AI processor found on the premium OLED models. It runs my Home Screen 8.0, has Alexa built-in and also supports voice controls using Google Assistant-enabled devices.

Panasonic’s Game Mode Extreme along with key HDMI 2.1 features including 4K@120Hz, VRR and AMD FreeSync Premium, make it a solid choice for gamers, while Dolby Atmos and an in-built subwoofer should help deliver impactful bass as part of the MX950’s Dynamic Theatre Surround sound system.

There will only be two screen sizes available at launch: 55in and 65in.

Panasonic MX800

Rounding off the range is the Panasonic MX800, which runs the Fire OS and uses Panasonic’s HDR Cinema Display panel with an LED backlight. The TV is powered by the HCX Processor and comes with a Voice Remote with Alexa so can be controlled very easily with voice commands.

There’s HDMI 2.1 support, along with support for both Dolby Vision and HDR 10+, while Panasonic’s Game Mode helps reduce input lag and latency. The MX800 will be available in the broadest range of screen sizes of any of the new lineup, with 43in, 50in, 55in, 65in, 75in and 85in models set to be released later in 2023.

The first and most interesting is that Filmmaker Mode has been improved, thanks to an upgrade to the company’s ambient colour temperature sensing technology, which identifies the lighting conditions in your room and adjusts the picture accordingly.

The new True Game Mode mentioned above is the gaming equivalent of Panasonic’s True Cinema Mode and seeks to deliver a higher level of picture accuracy while you’re playing your favourite titles. It’s complemented by improved HDR tone mapping, which takes into account the source material being reproduced and can be calibrated using the Portrait Displays Calman Colour calibration software we use to test TVs.

We’re yet to receive release dates and pricing for the Panasonic 2023 TV range but hope to have that soon, and we will be reviewing entries into the range when they become available, so make sure to check back for more information.

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