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Apple has a 32in Pro Display to launch alongside the Mac Pro

Yours for $5,000

What do you do with the change you have left over from your brand new $5,999 Mac Pro? How about a $5,000 pro monitor to go alongside it?
Designed to compete with screens costing tens of thousands of pounds, the Pro Display XDR is a 32in monitor, and Apple’s first monitor since the Thunderbolt Display was discontinued back in 2016. It’s a 6K screen, which means it’ll have a resolution of 6,016 x 3,384. That’s enough pixels to be covered by Apple’s ‘Retina’ definition, where it claims the human eye can’t differentiate between them.
As you’d expect for the price, the Pro Display XDR has some formidable specs behind it. It has HDR, P3 and 10-bit colour with reference modes built in, can display one billion colours, and – thanks to a built-in heat sink on the back – can display 1,000 nits of brightness indefinitely, with peaks of 1,600 nits if pushed. Apple claims it boasts a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.
Incredible viewing angles are also promised thanks to the screen’s custom polariser. While the vanilla $5,000 screen comes with an anti-reflective coating, you can pay an additional $1,000 for one with matte nano-textured glass.
Alongside the screen itself, Apple is also selling a Pro stand for it, for another $999. This includes tile and height adjustment, as well as letting the display be flipped to portrait mode.
As you might expect from the specifications and pricing, this isn’t intended for regular consumers. Rather, this is aimed squarely at video editors and people who edit photographs professionally.
It’ll be launching this fall (that’s autumn, UK readers) alongside the new Mac Pro. All eyes on an Apple event later in the year for more specifics.

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