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Acer Predator XN253Q review: A smooth operator

Mike Jennings
4 Nov 2019
Our Rating 
Price when reviewed 
£387 inc VAT

Incredible speed, a 240Hz refresh rate and solid style make this 24.5in monitor ideal for esports

Gorgeously smooth display
Attractive build
Inconsistencies with display
Muddy speakers

The Acer is exceptionally quick, thanks to a 1ms response time and 240Hz Nvidia G-Sync. That’s nearly 100Hz higher than anything else around but comes with the caveat that such a refresh rate will only benefit keen esports players – for those people, though, the Acer will provide smoother gaming than rivals.

Acer Predator XN253Q review: Display

This focus on speed, and reliance on TN (twisted nematic) tech rather than IPS, means the panel can’t match the quality of its rivals. A contrast ratio of 893:1 leaves the screen looking bright, but lacking depth and punch. I suggest you avoid the Action mode in the onscreen menu (easily controlled via a joystick), as this destroys the contrast and Delta E measurements.

These were the Acer’s best results in our tests, with an average Delta E of 1.9 far better than the Iiyama’s 3.73. Uniformity proved inconsistent: the Acer lost 24% of its backlight strength along the left-hand edge, reinforcing our feeling that the AOC is superior.

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Acer Predator XN253Q review: Specifications

The reliance on G-Sync also means that only Nvidia graphics cards can be used. And, as the Acer peaks at 240Hz, games need to run at beyond 200fps to get the most out of the screen – so you’ll need a graphics card that can keep up. If you use AMD hardware, you’ll need FreeSync instead.

The 1080p resolution and 24.5in diagonal means a 90ppi density level. That’s fine for gaming, and the modest resolution allows more graphics cards to run this screen at high frame rates.

Acer Predator XN253Q review: Features

Elsewhere, the Acer has four USB 3.0 ports, with two installed on the slim bezel. Build quality is good, with robust surrounds and a sturdy stand. The speakers are muddy and lack bass, but most people won’t use them.

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Acer Predator XN253Q review: Verdict

Acer’s screen didn’t produce brilliant results, but it’s great for esports thanks to its refresh rate and build quality. However, the AOC Agon AG322QC4 is our preferred mainstream option.

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