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This Samsung 4K monitor is an absolute steal

Under £200 for a 28in 4K monitor is quite a bargain

4K isn’t just for televisions. In fact, there’s a strong case for it being far more useful with PCs. Not only are gaming PCs better at outputting 4K graphics than our current batch of consoles, but given you sit closer to the screen at a desk, you’re more likely to actually tell the difference.
The upgrade is also welcome to people just looking to make their working lives a bit easier: especially those who need to do serious image manipulation and the like.
It’s not a cheap upgrade though, and most 4K monitors of a size where you’d notice the difference go for upwards of £300. That’s why this 28in Samsung model is pretty appealing, down to £199 at both Amazon and Currys – a saving of £100 off its RRP.   
Samsung is known for the quality of its screens (both in its top-end phones and televisions), so that’s a promising first step, but the features here are pretty promising too. It has a 1ms response time, for a start, which means that you won’t get any annoying motion blur or ghosting – something to watch out for on cheaper 4K monitors. It also features AMD FreeSync to match the screen refresh rate to the content to avoid image tearing.
It has two HDMI inputs and a Display Port, and rather brilliantly Samsung lets you connect two devices at once to display both at the same time. Probably not a feature you’ll use too often, but the kind of thing that could prove invaluable at some point. It shouldn’t be too dark either, with Samsung reporting a peak brightness of 370cd/m2.
All in all, it looks like a very promising upgrade, and well worth considering if you want to upgrade your PC setup in 2019.
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