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Gigabyte to replace flawed Intel boards in April

Gigabyte board

Replacement scheme put in place for affected P67 and H67 boards.

Gigabyte is the the latest motherboard manufacturer to announce its response to the SATA port flaw in Intel Sandy Bridge P67 and H67 boards.

The big news here is that Gigabyte has come out with a time scale for replacing the boards, the bad news is that owners will have to wait till April. It’s far from disastrous, admittedly, but we’re sure that P67 and H67 owners would rather get their boards replaced quickly and forget all about it. Gigabyte has not offered a refund option here, as Asus did earlier today.

The company sent us a Q&A that owners of affected boards should read, we cut a few bits here and there about how committed both companies are to excellence and quality … here’s the important parts:

Q: What is the problem with Intel 6 series chipsets?

A: As explained by Intel®, after a period of usage the SATA 2 ports 2~5 on motherboards based on Intel® 6 series B2 stepping chipsets may experience decreasing performance. This issue applies to all motherboards based on Intel 6 series chipsets from every vendor. However, it will not be an issue for systems that connect to the SATA 3 ports only.

Q: What models have been affect by this issue?

A: All GIGABYTE P67/H67/P65/PH67 chipset motherboards with B2 stepping 6 series chipsets are effected. All other GIGABYTE models based on other chipsets are not affected.

Q: What action should I take if I have already purchased a GIGABYTE 6 series motherboard?

A: Firstly, please determine your computer setup. No action will be needed if you only use the SATA 3 ports. If you are using the SATA2 ports, then there are possibilities that the device’s performance will decrease after a period of usage. To ensure the highest standard of customer support & services, GIGABYTE recommends that all customers who purchased GIGABYTE 6 series motherboards contact their local dealer (retail store where you purchased the motherboard) at the end of April for a motherboard exchange. GIGABYTE will provide an equivalent new motherboard replacement.

Q: What is the GIGABYTE swap policy for GIGABYTE 6 series motherboards?

A: GIGABYTE will provide a replacement motherboard with the new 6 series chipset onboard at the end of April in order to reduce any inconvenience to our customers who are affected by this issue.

Q: What is the SOP for GIGABYTE 6 series motherboard exchange?

A: At the end of April please take your 6 series motherboard to the same store where you originally purchased it. If the product is not available at that time, please leave the series number and your personal contact details with the store and wait for further notice.

Q: When will the replacement be available?

A: According to Intel’s production plan, the 6 series B3 stepping chipset will be available by April, 2011. GIGABYTE will produce and ship replacement motherboards according to Intel’s chipset shipping schedule.

Gigabyte’s line on this is very similar to our own then, take a look at our advice and workaround for Sandy Bridge owners in the meantime.

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