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Latest NAS drives

IOCell NetDisk 351UNE
IOCell NetDisk 351UNE review
NAS drives

It's a basic NAS, but it's still a great buy thanks to its simple configuration, fast performance and low price.

£61 inc VAT
Zyxel NSA221
Zyxel NSA221 review
NAS drives
£129 inc VAT
Promise SmartStor NS4600
Promise SmartStor NS4600 review
NAS drives

The SmartStor NS4600 is a good value, fast and well-equipped RAID-capable NAS.

£339 inc VAT
Thecus N2200 2TB NAS box
Thecus N2200 2TB review
NAS drives

Thecus' N2200 is a reasonably good NAS, but some of its features need refinement and it's too expensive at this price.

£387 inc VAT
Iomega iConnect
Iomega iConnect review
NAS drives

The Iomega iConnect is cheap and has some useful features, but unless you're on a strict budget or have very light file sharing needs its poor performance isn't worth putting up with.

£63 inc VAT
Synology DS710+
Synology DS710+ review
NAS drives

Synology's DS710+ is expensive, but it's an excellent NAS enclosure.

£368 inc VAT
Seagate Dockstar
Seagate Dockstar review
NAS drives

Seagate's Dockstar is designed specifically for accessing your files remotely rather than for local file sharing, so it's not for everyone.

£66 inc VAT
Zyxel NSA-220Plus
Zyxel NSA-220Plus review
NAS drives

Zyxel's NSA-220Plus is packed full of features and keenly-priced, but its sluggish performance limits its usefulness.

£136 inc VAT
LaCie d2 Network 2 1TB
LaCie d2 Network 2 1TB review
NAS drives

Unless you're absolutely smitten with its appearance and robustness, LaCie's d2 Network 2 isn't worth buying at this price.

£200 inc VAT
Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d
Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d
NAS drives

Iomega's StorCenter ix4-200d has some interesting and useful features, but its high price puts it out of reach for most people.

£669 inc VAT