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Last minute OLED TV price crash! Five-star Philips set on offer for £799

A corking £400 off makes this fantastic Philips OLED TV one of the best deals we've seen this Prime Day

OLED TVs have been coming down steadily in price over the past few years but this Prime Day deal on the Philips 55POS9002/05 is the best – and by far the cheapest – we’ve seen for a while.

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Its original RRP was £1,999, but this 55in 4K TV has now tumbled down to a mere £799. Why do OLED TVs get us so excited? In a word: contrast. Because each pixel on the screen is able to generate its very own light source, there’s no backlight to bleed through and create a grey wash in areas of the image that are meant to look black.

Buy the Philips 55POS9002/05 from Amazon for £799

The result is effectively perfect contrast and superbly punchy, rich colours and this set from Philips is no exception in that regard. Indeed, when we reviewed it at the beginning of 2019, we gave it five out of five stars and an Expert Reviews Recommend award. Vincent called it “a stunning TV” for the money – and he’s a man who doesn’t use such words lightly.

It’s a TV that combines great image quality with “devilishly handsome” design and Philips’ excellent Ambilight bias-lighting system, which illuminates the rear wall behind the TV with colours that match the on-screen content. This is no gimmick – it helps improve perceived contrast and the vibrancy of onscreen images – and you can link it to Philips coloured Hue smart bulbs as well to fill your room with matched bias lighting.

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There’s no support for the latest HDR10+ and Dolby Vision standards but the Philips 55POS9002/05 does support HLG and HDR10 and there’s a decent selection of physical inputs on the rear. You get four HDMI inputs (two of which support HDR) and, since the TV runs Android TV, there’s plenty in the way of streaming options and wireless connectivity.

Simply put, for £800, you can’t buy a better TV than the Philips 55POS9002/05. If you’re in the market for a new TV in this price bracket, it’s an absolute must buy.

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