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This Prime Day soundbar deal will be music to your ears

The five-star Denon DHT-S216 is now cheaper than EVER in the Prime Day sale

Prime Day is always a great time to scope out some of the best soundbar deals, and right on cue, we’ve got a hefty discount on one of our favourite models. The Denon DHT-S216 already offered incredible value for money back when we reviewed it as a five-star best buy, justifying its £199 RRP with a user-friendly setup and powerful, immersive audio.

Since then, the soundbar has fluctuated in price, usually averaging around the £173 mark. Here, however, we see it plummet down to the cheapest that it’s ever been, allowing you to enhance your audio for just £134.

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The headline feature of the DHT-S216 is DTS Virtual:X, which essentially aims to create a facsimile of surround sound without the need for an expensive and cumbersome speaker setup. Analysing the audio signals and using psychoacoustic algorithms to simulate where they would be placed in a 3D space, the DHT-S216 can project audio in a wide area, including above and behind the listener. This tricks your mind into thinking that you’re surrounded by speakers, when in fact the whole experience comes courtesy of this one soundbar.

During testing in our review, we found this to be surprisingly effective; it naturally couldn’t fully replicate a multi-speaker experience but it was effective enough to unnerve our reviewer during a film’s bird attack scene, giving the impression of avian assailants swooping in from all sides.

Though you’ll want to keep DTS Virtual:X enabled to make the most of this soundbar’s capabilities, the DHT-S216 is well-rounded enough to perform well with any audio input. You’ve also got a decent array of choices when it comes to customising your audio experience, with the Pure, Night, Music and Movies sound modes – the latter two of which are compatible with DTS Virtual:X. Pure, as the name suggests, is the most neutral, while Music broadens the soundstage, Movies dials up the bass and Night tightens the dynamic range to improve audio at lower volumes.

On the connectivity front, the DHT-S216 features an HDMI ARC out port, meaning you can connect it to a compatible TV to have any other audio source connected to the TV play through the DHT-S216, making it the ultimate all-in-one audio hub. You’ll also find optical in, AUX-in and subwoofer-out ports, as well as an HDMI in port for connecting games consoles or Bluray players directly. There’s no Wi-Fi or smart functionality – which isn’t all that surprising with how affordable this soundbar is – but you can still stream audio wirelessly to it via Bluetooth 4.2.

Altogether, the Denon DHT-S216 is an impressive mid-range soundbar and easily the best-value option that offers DTS Virtual:X compatibility. It was already something of a bargain when we originally reviewed it but this discount makes it an absolute must-buy.

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