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Yaber V7 Pro review: A real bargain at just £200

Our Rating :
£249.99 from
Price when reviewed : £220
inc VAT

A cracking projector with great image quality, the Yaber V7 Pro is one of the best budget buys around


  • Decent picture quality
  • Bluetooth audio output
  • Automatic keystone correction


  • Fan is quite loud
  • Motion can look a little juddery

Grab the V7 Pro for just £200

The Yaber V7 Pro is a projector that regularly sees discounts, but few are as attractive as this offer. The V7 Pro is currently available for £200 – £20 cheaper than it was when we gave it our Best Buy award and £50 less than its list price. Just make sure you use the £30 off voucher before checking out!

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The Yaber V7 Pro is a budget projector that delivers more features and better image quality than you might expect for the price. It’s quieter than the firm’s V10 model, smaller and comes with more features but, despite a slightly higher price, it’s just as much of a bargain, if not more so.

Yaber V7 Pro review: What do you get for the money?

The V7 Pro has a list price of £300 but is often heavily discounted. At the time of writing it had been reduced to £220, which is not a lot to pay for a projector with a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,080.

In the box, alongside the projector itself, is a generous selection of accessories. You get a rucksack to store it in, a clip-on cover to protect the lens, an infrared remote control, plus all the cables you need to hook it up – one HDMI cable, a composite AV cable and a mains cable.

It’s quite a compact thing, measuring 265 x 205 x 165mm (WDH), and is very well equipped when it comes to connectivity. On the rear panel are a pair of HDMI inputs, two 3.5mm jacks (one for audio output, one for composite video input), two USB sockets for video file playback and an Ethernet port.

You also get dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity for screen mirroring; this works across iOS, Android and Windows devices. And there’s Bluetooth too, so you can hook the projector up to a wireless speaker instead of relying on the projector’s internal drivers.

Yaber V7 Pro review: What does it do well?

As with its stablemate, the V10, the V7 Pro has pretty good picture quality considering its low price. I hooked it up to a laptop and an Amazon Fire TV Cube and fired up The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies on Netflix, and the projected image looked clear and vibrant.

I found it easy to get a nice sharp picture from corner to corner using the manual focus wheel, and the projector even has automatic keystone adjustment to ensure the image is perfectly rectangular.

You’ll have to turn off the lights and draw the curtains to get the best performance out of it – take the 9,000 lumen brightness rating with a hefty pinch of salt – and it can’t match the picture quality of more expensive projectors. However, for the money you can’t complain. The colours look fairly balanced and there’s nothing that sticks out as being wrong.

I found the Medium colour preset and the Warm colour temperature setting worked best.

The Bluetooth audio output works well, too, and where there were fairly unwatchable lip sync issues with the V10, there’s no such issue here. That’s not to say you won’t have a problem, however, and if you do the projector has no lip sync adjustment. If you’re planning on using the Bluetooth audio output, you’d be well advised to check if the source you’re using has a lip sync setting you can use.

I’m also pleased to see this projector has an adjustable leg at the front, allowing small adjustments in vertical height. The cheaper V10 has no such feature. A shorter throw ratio allows for a larger picture at closer distances than the V10 as well, making this a more flexible projector for use in smaller rooms.

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Yaber V7 Pro review: What could be improved?

Although the Yaber V7 Pro is quieter than its sibling, its fans are still pretty loud – something to be aware of if you’re planning on positioning it close to where you’re sitting.

And, while colours and sharpness are good, the way the projector deals with motion isn’t quite up to scratch – extreme movement such as horizontal panning can look a little juddery. It’s a relatively subtle effect, however, and something you’ll probably only spot if you’re looking for it.

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Yaber V7 Pro review: Should you buy one?

Other than those minor grumbles, there’s nothing much to complain about here. If you’re looking to buy a cheap projector for occasional use, the answer to the above question is an unequivocal yes. The Yaber V7 Pro works as advertised, projects a sharp, balanced image and comes with more features than you could reasonably expect of a projector this cheap.

It may not be quite as compact and lightweight as some of the other low-cost projectors we’ve reviewed (the ViewSonic M1 Plus, for example), but it’s a great all-rounder if you’re only planning on using it at home.

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