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OnePlus OneWatch looks like a dream smartwatch – if it’s real

OnePlus OneWatch rumour 1

OnePlus is apparently working on the OneWatch smartwatch, and based on early leaks it's one to get excited about - if the rumour is accurate

Move over Motorola – it looks like there’s a new smartwatch on the horizon that could steal the thunder from the Moto 360, and it cones from an unlikely source – disruptive smartphone startup OnePlus, the company behind the excellent OnePlus One. If the company is able to produce the so-called OneWatch for a similar low price to that of its first smartphone, it could be on to a winner for anyone interested in stylish wearables.

A new report, brought to our attention by, appears to show a product webpage page for the OneWatch as well as a detailed sketch highlighting important features, but as it comes from an anonymous source it should be treated with some suspicion. Even so, it appears to show a smartwatch with very similar styling to Motorola’s upcoming Moto 360 – meaning a circular display and gorgeously minimal looks.

OnePlus OneWatch rumour 2

According to the accompanying sketch, the OLED screen will be protected by sapphire glass and surrounded by a titanium bezel. Qi wireless charging on the back would mean no need for a proprietary charging cable or USB port, and a crown on the side of the watch would be configurable by the user as well as giving the appearance of a traditional wristwatch.

Arguably the most interesting part of the watch is the strap. According to the sketch, the leather strap will contain a curved battery that wraps around the user’s wrist – meaning the watch hardware can be slimmer as it doesn’t have to squeeze in a battery between the internal circuitry. That could potentially make it more suitable for smaller wrists than the chunky LG G Watch or Samsung Gear 2.

Although there’s no indication in the report, it’s highly likely OnePlus would use Google’s Android Wear operating system to power the OneWatch. It has been in development for some time and is designed to support circular displays, so OnePlus wouldn’t have to spend a lot of resources building their own OS.

If the webpage photo proves accurate, it could mean OnePlus isn’t far away from making an official announcement regarding the OneWatch. However, it will likely need to step up production efforts in order to meet demand should the final result match these early images; the company is struggling to fulfill orders for its One smartphone, having opted for a limited access ticket system for potential customers, and it would be a shame if it had to repeat the process for its first smartwatch.

Hopefully we won’t have long to wait to find out: Motorola is expected to put the Moto 360 up for sale in the Autumn, so if OnePlus wants to make a statement it will need to announce before the competition goes on sale.

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