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Enjoy talking to yourself? Then try this new mobile service

Dragon Anywhere mobile

UK release of Dragon Anywhere allows give powerful speech recognition on iOS and Android

We’re all constantly tapping out messages, emails and even documents on our smartphones, as we try to deal with a huge list of tasks while on the go. It may raise your efficiency somewhat but life could be passing you by while you’re staring down at the keyboard, you could injure yourself even. and of course spelling mistakes are rife in such missives. So the release of Dragon Anywhere for smartphones in the UK could be the answer.

It’s one that Sony has recently identified with its fancy Bluetooth earpiece, the Xperia Ear, but developer Nuance has been adding dictation and other speech functions to devices for years now, it’s responsible for the tech behind Apple’s Siri for instance.

Dragon Anywhere provides serious serious features well in advance of quick dictating notes. You can talk continuously with no time limits, there’s user-friendly formatting and editing options, so you can tidy up your flow of conscience as you natter. And speaking of colloquial terms, Dragon shouldn’t have any problems with them, with proper UK language support.

It doesn’t come cheap admittedly, as this is a subscription service costing £15 a month, from the Nuance online store. For this you can use Dragon Anywhere across all your devices, with the results stored in the cloud. It’s also fully compatible with PC and Mac desktop versions of the software, so that you can transfer custom terminology that you’ve set up for your specific needs.

“We designed Dragon Anywhere for today’s professionals who spend more of their time in the field or traveling but are still tasked with documentation demands that lengthen the work day and cut into other important tasks,” said Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager of Dragon. “With Dragon Anywhere, professionals can complete, edit, and share important documents and reports in real-time, simplifying the paperwork process, saving time, and improving productivity.”

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