Djay app updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6

Tom Morgan
27 Sep 2012
djay 4s vs 5

Makes use of that extra 1/2-inch of screen space

Bedroom DJs will be happy to hear that Algoriddim's djay music mixing iOS app has just been updated to the latest version, bringing with it iOS6 compatibility and visuals that make use of the larger display found on the new iPhone 5.

djay, which won an Apple Design award last year, also now supports full iTunes store access directly through the app, making it easier to search, preview and buy new tracks. The twin-turntable interface has also expanded to fill the entire display on the iPhone 5, which is half an inch bigger than its predecessor.

The app also supports multi-channel and multi-route audio, letting you output your mix over the iPhone 5's Lightning adaptor to an HDMI source or compatible USB audio dock, but still keep the headphone jack reserved for pre-cueing the next track. You'll need an optional Lightning adapter to do so though, and there's no clue as to when these will be available. iPad and older generation iPhone owners can continue to use the existing docking connectors.

Algoriddim CEO Karim Morsy said that “This software update is all about flawless mixing which delivers a unique user experience allowing DJs to bust beats on the go,” and that “The full iTunes integration lets users purchase music instantly so they can start mixing their favourite tunes immediately. DJs can also take song requests while performing and blend them into their sets seamlessly."

Existing owners will get the update automatically, or you can head to the App Store and pick up djay for iPad for £13.99, or djay for iPhone for 69p.

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