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He’s behind you! Peter Pan email scam targets thousands

Peter Pan

New email scam purports to be booking confirmation but will attempt to install malware and steal passwords

Thousands of people are being targeted by a new email scam that tries to drop the dreaded Cryptolocker ransomware onto computers.

The email, which claims to be a booking confirmation for a Peter Pan pantomime at Bournemouth Pavilion, contains a dodgy PDF attachment that if opened will install ransomware and password-stealing malware.

Malicious software installed by the infected PDF file varies, with some trying to steal passwords for email accounts and Facebook and some trying to install the Cryptolocker ransomware. The email purports to come from BH Live, a legitimate events and ticketing company.

Unlike some scam emails which are obviously fake the Peter Pan email seems credible. The scammers have not only chosen a legitimate company but also a real show – BH Live is organising a production of Peter Pan this December at Bournemouth Pavilion.

The scam email is a booking confirmation for nine tickets – three adults and six children, charged at a Mastercard ending in 7006. The email, which includes details such as delivery method and seat numbers, is for an order totalling £145.

The email asks people to open a PDF attachment to print off their tickets. If the PDF is opened and antivirus software fails to spot the threat then malicious software will be installed on the computer. While the file appears to be a PDF it is actually a .exe, which once opened will immediately attempt to execute malicious code.

People are being urged to never open emails they weren’t expecting to receive and to never open attachments that they don’t have good reason to trust. Anyone who receives the email should delete it immediately.

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