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The Apple HomePod is down to £229

Apple’s smart speaker has incredible sound quality but is normally held back by a high price

We were in two minds about the Apple HomePod when we reviewed it. We were bowled over by its excellent sound quality, but considerably less impressed by both the price and Siri integration.
Both the latter two things have improved over time and now the HomePod is the cheapest we’ve ever spotted it for. John Lewis is selling Apple’s smart speaker in black or white for £229 – a £90 saving on its £319 RRP.
Should you buy it then? Well, it really depends on what you want from a speaker. The sound is incredible, even at its original RRP, but it’s simply not as smart as its rivals. It’s also a no go if you’re not into the Apple ecosystem.
As Jon wrote in his review: “It’s a stunning example of how engineering and technology can be put to use in new and exciting ways, to improve the way small speakers sound, no matter where you put them. In fact, were this a regular Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker, I’d have no qualms in recommending it, even at £319. It really is that good.”
But the lack of smarts held it back in the review. It has got better over time, mind, with the most recent update adding in the ability to recognise different voices for personalised responses, and the option to hand off audio from iPhone to HomePod – handy if you’re engrossed in a podcast when you get home from work. 
“If you view the HomePod as simply a very good speaker with Siri bolted on, you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s a very good product indeed,” Jon concluded. “Just don’t expect to be able to order the weekly shop on it.”
If that’s enough for you, then you won’t do better than £229.
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