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How to watch Kevin Can F**K Himself Season 2: Stream AMC’s hit comedy-drama in the UK, US and elsewhere

A mordant and innovative look at the reality behind being a ‘sitcom wife,’ Kevin Can F**K Himself returns for its second season

With an eye-catching title like Kevin Can F**k Himself, any prospective viewer would be hoping for a show that operates a little outside the box. Following the struggling and unhappily married Allison McRoberts, this show does just that, employing sitcom stages, canned laughter, and more traditional, dramatic filming modes to contrast between Allison’s unhappy role as wife to her obnoxious and unambitious husband Kevin, and her darkly funny downward spiral as she attempts to find a way out of her constrictive, small-town homelife.

If you are hoping to catch the second and final season of Kevin Can F**k Himself, there are a number of ways to do so, depending on where you’re located. US TV viewers looking to watch the season live can do so from 22 August at 9pm ET on AMC, with the eight episode season airing weekly thereafter, finishing on 10 October. If streaming is more your speed, you can watch each episode a week early provided you’re subscribed to AMC+, with the second season also likely to appear on Prime Video US a few weeks after its initial airing, similarly to the first season.

There are currently no confirmed dates for the show’s UK streaming availability. However, you can catch up on the first season on Prime Video UK, and we currently know of no reason why season 2 won’t eventually make its way onto Amazon’s streaming service like the first season did.

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What is Kevin Can F**K Himself about?

If you’ve ever seen The King of Queens, The Honeymooners, The Simpsons, or countless other similar shows, you’ll be familiar with the archetypal ‘bad sitcom husband.’ Boorish, impulsive and thoughtless, the childish antics of the sitcom husband are usually overseen by his eye-rolling-yet-endlessly-patient, loyal, beautiful and attentive wife. No matter how much she has to put up with, the sitcom wife is always forgiving, flippantly funny and there to bail her husband out of each new mess or failed scheme he has worked himself into. Until now.

Kevin Can F**K Himself star’s Schitt’s Creek’s Annie Murphy as Allison, a woman looking to become the main character of her own life. The only thing standing in her way? Her rude, loudmouth husband Kevin. While Kevin is onscreen the show takes the form of a brightly lit, multi-camera, sitcom shot on a soundstage. Kevin’s antics prompt canned laughter and are cheered on at every turn by a supporting cast of friends and family. However, once Kevin is offscreen, the show switches to Allison’s perspective, which is more darkly lit and shot with a single-camera in prestige drama style, reflecting her inner turmoil and upset with how her husband treats her and how her life has turned out. Allison’s story in the first season takes her down a grimly hilarious path involving drugs, guns and violence, as she seeks to gain control of her story and push Kevin offscreen once and for all.

How to watch Kevin Can F**K Himself in the UK: Prime Video

As we mentioned above, there is no official confirmation or locked down dates for when the second season of Kevin Can F**K Himself will hit streaming in the UK. However, if you still need to catch up on season 1, it is available in full to Prime Video UK subscribers, with the second season likely to debut on the service before the end of the year. Besides Kevin Can F**K Himself, Prime Video UK hosts a vast array of top-drawer movies and series – The Boys, The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel, and the Small Axe anthology, to name just a few. Prime Video is available to Amazon Prime members for no extra charge, while the service on its own costs £7.99/mth, following a 30-day free trial. After 15 September, the price of Prime Video will increase to £8.99/mth, while a yearly subscription will set you back £95/yr, saving you roughly £13/yr when compared to paying monthly.

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How to watch Kevin Can F**K Himself in the US: AMC, AMC+ and Prime Video

Season 2 of Kevin Can F**K Himself officially kicks off on 22 August at 9pm ET on American network AMC, with the rest of the season airing weekly in the same time slot, with the finale slated for 10 October. You can also stream each episode of season 2 a week early, provided you’re subscribed to AMC+. The service hosts hit shows such as The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Mad Men, The North Water and much, much more. AMC+ is available for $9/mth, while an annual subscription costs $83.88/yr, which could save you around $24 compared to 12 months at the full monthly price.

The first season of Kevin Can F**K Himself is also available to stream on Prime Video US, with the second season likely to follow in the weeks after its initial TV run. Prime Video will cost US customers $8.99/mth. If you’re torn between the two services, but don’t want the fuss of switching between several accounts, Amazon offers a handy solution: AMC+ can be added as an extra channel on your Prime Video subscription for an additional $9/mth.

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How to watch Kevin Can F**K Himself anywhere in the world: Sign up to a VPN service

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