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Synology DiskStation DS111 review

Alan Lu
2 May 2011
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An excellent NAS enclosure which is expensive for a single-disk NAS enclosure but the excellent performance is worth it if you don’t need RAID



1 disk bays, N/A storage supplied, 1x 10/100/1000Mbit/s Ethernet ports

The Synology DiskStation DS111 is a single-disk NAS enclosure. It looks almost identical to the company's previous one-disk models, but differs in one immediately noticeable respect. It's quite expensive: pre-assembled single-disk NAS devices are available at this price.

It's just as well that fitting a disk is straightforward. Simply slide open the plastic case and slot a SATA hard disk into place. Screw it in to ensure it doesn't rattle, then slide the case closed. The case can be screwed shut too if you wish.

Synology DiskStation DS111 side off

It's easy to see where your money has gone as soon as you start configuring the DS111. The web admin interface looks like a Mac/Linux desktop, with links to all of the controls represented as app-like icons in a MacOS-style control panel. You can drag your most frequently used controls to the desktop as if they were program shortcuts on a Windows desktop. If that sounds too messy, there's a Search box so you can search for the controls your need by keyword. It's all very slick and works well.

Its beauty isn't just skin deep. Creating user accounts was especially easy. A single tabbed window allows you to create an account, set a storage usage quota, give access to certain shared folders and even decide which of the DS111's extra features it can use. You can even email the user their account details.

Synology DiskStation DS111 back

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