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Nvidia Shield TV Pro leak reveals Dolby Vision support

A premature listing shows the model will come with a voice-controlled remote

Someone at Amazon must have pressed the wrong button, because an unannounced refresh of Nvidia’s Shield TV set-top box was briefly listed on the online retailer’s website in all its angular glory.

Although the listing has since been taken down, keen eyes at Android TV Rumors spotted the premature entry, screen grabbing the details. According to these pictures, the Nvidia Shield TV Pro will have Dolby Vision HDR support, as well as an updated Tegra CPU and a new remote design.

The Amazon listing claimed that the new Nvidia Tegra X1+ processor is four times faster than the previous generation – the Tegra X1. The new Shield TV will also have 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The box has two USB 3.0 ports, so there’s always scope to plug in extra storage, should you wish.

The inclusion of Dolby Vision support, as well as Dolby Atmos for audio, is a welcome update for better image and sound quality. Aside from this, the most notable revamp comes in the form of a bigger remote. The size alone should make it harder to lose compared to its skinny predecessor, but the remote also includes a ‘lost-remote locator’ feature.

In addition, the remote has motion-activated backlit buttons and a microphone for voice control.

The Amazon listing also mentions a 28 October release date, with a $199 price tag. It could well be that these are placeholders for the online retailer, although they’re in the right ballpark considering the similar price of the current Shield TV. And just in case you think this might be an elaborate, tenuous troll from Amazon, previously filed FCC listings suggest the Nvidia Shield TV Pro will definitely be a reality.

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