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LG bets big on OLED, reveals 7 new 4K OLED TVs for 2015

A choice of curved and flat displays across multiple screen sizes signal a big boost for OLED TVs in 2015

LG opened its CES 2015 press conference with a bang, announcing a whopping seven new OLED TVs for 2015. What’s more, all seven models will have 4K resolutions, signalling a major boost for OLED TV adoption at a time when other manufacturers are turning their attentions away from the technology to focus on traditional LCDs.

Among the new models are three that were shown off as prototypes or concepts at last year’s CES show; a 65in curved OLED, a 55in flat set with a stylised floating base, and a 77in model with a flexible display that bends at a press of a button. There will also be curved versions of the 55in and 77in models, plus flat versions of the 65in model. All seven models should deliver the absolute blacks, vibrant colours and per-pixel lighting we’ve come to expect from OLED.

The new range will all feature LG’s updated WebOS 2.0 smart TV platform. Building on the original WebOS system released last year, LG has promised WebOS 2.0 will be up to twice as fast, with a new Quick Start mode that lets users start controlling the system 60% faster from a powered off state. 4K streaming services will be expanded from Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant to include YouTube and Vudu, while GoPro will arrive as an exclusive content partner for 2015.

Finally, LG will be partnering with Netflix to trial High Dynamic Range video later in the year. Expanding the dynamic range from standards originally designed for CRT monitors should put those OLED panels to perfect use, producing more lifelike images and pushing brightness levels higher than any conventional TVs.

Although seven new models is great news for anyone excited about the possibilities of OLED technology on a screen bigger than a smartphone, it doesn’t look as though prices will start tumbling just yet. Although LG has yet to confirm pricing, the big screens and funky bend-with-a-button action will likely be focused purely on the high end. We’re excited to see new OLED TVs in action, but don’t expect them to be finding homes with anyone but the super-rich any time soon.

Either way, we’ll be taking a closer look as soon as CES kicks off in earnest tomorrow, so be sure to check back for some first impresions.

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