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How to watch BT Sport on your TV, laptop or smartphone

BT Sports is broadcasting several Premier League games and from August, it will be the only place to watch the Europa and Champions League

If you’re a dedicated sports fan, then a subscription to BT Sport is a pretty tempting proposition. It offers coverage of everything from select Premier League games, WWE, Champions League football to UFC, stopping off at Premiership Rugby, NBA Basketball, and Fight Night boxing along the way.

And now that it boasts support for 4K Ultra HD TVs, there are really very few reasons NOT to grab yourself a BT Sport package. But which one? There are several ways to watch BT Sport, and depending on which other services you already subscribe to some will be cheaper and more convenient than others. Here we’ll explain all your options to watch BT Sport online, on mobile or on television.

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How to watch BT Sport: What you need to know

Below you will find a table that highlights the most important bits for each method: whether you need a contract-free option to watch for a month; BT Broadband; how you will be able to watch BT Sport (TV box/app/online); and what the BT Sport portion of each bundle actually costs.

It is not always the case that purchasing the BT Sport channels for your TV box will allow you to access the BT Sport app or online player (or vice versa). This is particularly true for potential customers who don’t have/want BT Broadband; check the table below to work out which packages offer everything you want. The only other thing to note here is that these prices are ever-changing, and are particularly influenced by deals that often change throughout the year.

How to watch BT Sport
Requires BT Broadband?Access BT Sport on TV box?Access BT Sport on app/online?Standalone price of BT Sport
BT Sport Monthly Pass£25 per month. No contract
BT TVFree with new BT TV packages; otherwise from £7.50/mth
BT Broadband£12/mth incl. with broadband packages
Sky TV (with BT Broadband)Free for first 3 months with BT Broadband then £6.50/mth
Sky TV (without BT Broadband)£27.99/mth for 12 months; £27.99 for 1 month + £35 activation fee
TalkTalk£27.99/mth for 12 months; £27.99 for 1 month + £35 activation fee
Virgin MediaFree with Full House/ VIP bundles; otherwise £18/mth
Plusnet Broadband£10/mth (requires YouView box for TV access)
EE3 months free then £5/mth; for TV casting, 3 months free then £10/mth

How to watch BT Sport: Every method, listed

1. BT Sport Monthly Pass

All the options mentioned below tie you down to long-term contracts. Thankfully, earlier this year, BT launched a new BT Sport Monthly Pass option giving you an easy way to watch nine BT Sport channels for just £25 per month. You can watch content on your smartphone, tablet, gaming console, Now TV Stick, Apple TV and even select Smart TVs. Best of all, you can cancel your contract at any time without being charged a cancellation fee.

Buy now from BT

2. BT TV

BT Sport is available on BT TV for new customers. In fact, every BT TV package now comes with BT Sport included, as well as the standard Freeview channels and ADSL/fibre broadband that you’d expect to see. For customers with BT TV but no BT Sport (if, say, you’re a long-standing customer), you can add BT Sport to your package from £7.50/mth.

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3. BT Broadband

If you don’t fancy BT TV, you can still grab BT Sport and BT Broadband as a bundle; from standard ADSL to superfast fibre, BT Sport is included normally at £9/mth with most broadband packages. This will allow you to watch BT Sport via the app or online. Want to watch it on the big screen? No problem – you can cast the app to your TV via a Chromecast or Apple TV. BT Broadband prices currently start at £42/mth for standard ADSL, and £43/mth for fibre-optic. These prices include the cost of BT Sport.

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4. On Sky TV

With BT Broadband

If you’re a Sky customer and happy to make the switch to BT Broadband, you can purchase a bundle that gives you access to BT Sport on your Sky box. It’s free for the first three months, then normally £12/mth as a part of a broadband package. They range from £47/mth for ADSL, and £48/mth for fibre-optic – these prices include the cost of BT Sport.

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Without BT Broadband

If don’t fancy adopting BT Broadband (though if you’re open to change, we liked it quite a bit), but you have a Sky TV box, you can still access BT Sport. It’ll cost you £30/mnth for one or 12 months, but the one month contract is rolling and requires a £35 upfront fee, which I suppose is the cost of being able to cancel the contract at any time.

In either of these cases, adding a second Sky box to your plan is free for three months, then £6.50/mth thereafter. As luck would have it, however, there is currently an offer on 12 months of BT Sport for Sky TV customers who don’t want BT Broadband; the 12-month contract is currently £30/mth, with a £20 upfront fee.

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5. With other TV/broadband providers


The same rules apply if you own a TalkTalk TV box, but are not using BT Broadband. As with Sky customers, you’ll be looking at paying from £30/mth for the basic 12-month BT Sport contract, but that price will not increase. If you opt for the one-month rolling contract, you’ll have to pay that £35 upfront fee, but can cancel the contract at any time.

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Virgin Media

Virgin Media offers a similar package to TalkTalk, allowing you to watch BT Sport on the Virgin TV box for £18/month. BT Sport is also included with the Virgin TV Full House and VIP bundles.

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If you’re a Plusnet customer, you can have access to the online and mobile version of BT Sport for £10 a month. If you’ve bought a bundle like this and want to watch BT Sport on the TV, you’ll need to grab a YouView TV box (from Plusnet). Or just cast it via Apple TV or Chromecast.

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6. With EE

Mobile network provider EE has begun offering BT Sport packages for new and existing customers. If you’re on one of the company’s ‘4G Max’ plans, you’ll find that BT Sport is included with the package; if you’re a standard customer, you’ll have to pay £5/mth for the BT Sport add-on after a three-month free trial.

This gives you access to the BT Sport app and online player. If you want to cast to your TV, you’ll have to pay for the privilege: it’s free for the first three months, then £10/mth thereafter. Bizarrely, casting to your TV if you’ve bought access to the BT Sport app alongside BT Broadband is free, provided you have Apple TV or Chromecast.

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