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Best projector screens 2024: The perfect screens to master movie night

Take your movie night to the next level with these pro-standard projector screens

Whether it’s movie nights, TV binges or epic gaming sessions that you’re planning to enjoy, the ultimate upgrade for your home entertainment centre is surely a sizable projector screen. TVs and monitors can be great, but nothing conveys immersive, cinematic scale quite like a big screen in your living room. Every exciting moment seems at least ten times as massive.

You’ll be the envy of all your mates, then, and a thoroughly entertained individual if you invest in a projector screen. Some of these products can be hard to tell apart, though, not to mention pricey to purchase, so we’ve produced a buying guide to help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Read on to discover our insights, and you’ll be sitting on the sofa enjoying cinema-standard viewing in no time at all.

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How to choose the best projector screen for you

Before you bite the bullet and shell out on a fancy projector screen, you’ll want to consider exactly which type of screen will best suit your needs. Consider your answers to the questions below, and you’ll be prepared to choose the perfect screen for your living room.

What aspect ratio do you need?

16:9 is the industry standard for projectors and projector screens, and most of your viewing materials will look perfectly fine in that style. However, if you’re a fan of wide-screen entertainment, you might want to consider picking a projector that can also do its business at 2.35:1 – the widescreen Cinemascope format.

Alternatively, if you need a projector screen for business presentations, not just TV games and movies, then the 4:3 aspect ratio gives you the flexibility you need to cover meeting rooms and offices.

How big a projector screen do you have space for?

It may seem obvious but it’s always worth a reminder: don’t forget to measure up the space that you’re looking to fill with a projector screen before you purchase one. As much as we all like to think we can expertly estimate the size of a space, it would be infuriating if your mental maths went a bit off-kilter and left you with a screen that’s too big for the space available.

Should you go for wall-mounted or roll away?

There are two main types of projector screen: the roll-away sort that can be compactly hidden inside a tube-like casing when it isn’t being used, or the wall-mounted variety that is always on display. It’s absolutely a case of convenience and personal preference. Will you be using the wall space for anything else? Do you want a screen that hides away or are you happy to have it on show?

Do you have a projector?

Again, this might seem obvious, but most projector screens don’t come with a projector included. If you haven’t yet bought a projector, a screen to go with it won’t do you much good. So, if you need to buy a projector, click the link below to see our suggestions.

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The best projector screens to buy in 2024

1. Duronic Projector Screen FFPS100: Best fixed-frame projector screen

Price: £130 | Buy now from Amazon

This fixed-frame projector screen from Duronic would make a fantastic starting point for setting up a dedicated projection room for your movie nights. Fixed frame means that the screen material is held tightly in a metal frame which prevents movement or creasing, keeping your projected image as steady and legible as possible. The screen material itself is made of high-quality matte white material with +1 gain, which helps light reflect back brighter, and has a black back, minimizing loss of light and unwanted reflection. It also has a black velvet border which helps enhance the appearance of colour and contrast in your image. This screen is easily assembled and installed, with a low number of parts to put together and a lightweight suited to wall hanging. Simply pop it up on a wall in line with a good quality projector and you’ll only be a box of popcorn away from a full home cinema experience.

Key specs – Screen size: 100in; Type: Fixed frame; Aspect ratio: 16:9; Dimensions: 233cm x 136cm x 3cm

2. Luxburg 100″ Portable Freestanding Projection Screen

Price: £190 | Buy now from Amazon

If you don’t have a permanent space for your projector but still want the best quality set-up, then a freestanding projection screen is the way to go. This 100in screen from Luxburgh is super portable; the frame is lightweight and it has a built-in carry case with a handle. It’s also simple to set up: once you’ve decided on a spot you can simply stand up the frame, adjust it to your desired height, pull down the screen and you’re ready to go. The screen doesn’t suffer much for its portability: like many models on this list it has a picture-improving matte white screen, black borders for contrast and a light-saving black backing. The only thing to be aware of with a freestanding projector, as opposed to a mounted one, is that it is slightly harder to get the perfect angle and framing. Of course, it’s still possible, but it does take a little patience and some trial and error.

Key specs – Screen size: 100in; Type: Portable pull-up; Aspect ratio: 16:9; Dimensions: 221 x 125cm

3. Vamvo Outdoor/Indoor Projector Screen: Best outdoor projector screen

Price: £130 | Buy now from Amazon

Thinking of hosting an outdoor movie party? This is the perfect projector to convert your garden (or any outdoor space) into an open-air cinema. As well as the 120in screen, you also get a storage bag too keep it safe when not in use. The super-easy setup should only take a few minutes, and once set up the ropes on either side of the screen will keep it from budging even in harsh weather. And, of course, there’s nothing to stop you bringing it inside if the weather changes.

Key specs – Screen size: 120in; Type: Outdoor; Aspect ratio: 16:9; Dimensions: 180.3 x 271.8cm

4. Duronic Projector Screen MPS60: Best manual projector screen

Price: £70 | Buy now from Amazon

Whatever you’re looking to buy a projector screen for, be it a school hall or an office or a home entertainment centre, Duronic’s 60in screen is an affordable and very reliable option to consider. For just £70, you get a high-quality screen that you can attach to the wall or ceiling of your choice. Many users choose to hang it above a window frame because the thick matte fabric doesn’t allow any light to penetrate the display from behind. There is also a black border on the front, which will increase the feeling of contrast and the quality of the image. That’s not bad at all for a screen at such a low price point.

Key specs – Screen size: 60in; Type: Pull-down; Aspect ratio: 4:3; Dimensions: 191cm x 122cm

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