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Sony’s wireless turntable brings vinyl into 2019

The Sony PS-LX310BT is a budget turntable, targeted at the burgeoning vinyl resurgence

If you’ve been thinking of joining in with the vinyl resurrection, Sony has a new budget turntable for your record collection. The PS-LX310BT has been revealed at CES 2019, and it’s an affordable wireless package with Bluetooth connectivity and an automatic tonearm.

While the turntable can connect to wireless speakers or headphones, it can also be connected to a more traditional stereo system with audio cables. The interface is simple, relatively no-thrills, but it does feature a gain select switch so you can choose between low, mid and high to tweak what you’re listening to.

The tone arm automatically lowers itself at the start of a record, and raises when a record finishes. The turntable also has a “full auto play” function, meaning music will instantly sound from the last speaker connected when you press play (no need to re-pair each time you use it). 

The Sony PS-LX310BT will set you back £200 when it comes to shops in April 2019.

For an altogether different kind of turntable, Technics announced a return to its iconic SL-1200 set during CES 2019. This line has been synonymous with DJs for decades, and the new entry (SL-1200MK7) is the first since 2008; testament to the comeback vinyl has been receiving over the past couple of years. No price and availability information on this yet, though.

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