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What’s new on Amazon Prime Video UK in 2020

Here’s a list of all the new Prime originals, TV shows, movies and other content coming to Amazon Prime Video UK

With January over, all your New Year resolutions can be put to bed for another year meaning all that precious time spent searching for the ultimate non-alcoholic beer can instead be funnelled into discovering the best that Amazon Prime Video has to offer.

Prime Video constantly adds new originals, TV shows and movies each month, so we’ve listed them down to give you a better idea of what to expect in the next few weeks.

February and March are looking pretty good in the entertainment department, with the service providing nostalgic sci-fi in Star Trek: Picard, an unsettling real story in Falling for a Killer and sporting prowess in the Tottenham Hotspur documentary, All or Nothing.

Read on for our top picks from Amazon Prime in the coming months.

Now streaming – Star Trek: Picard

Sci-fi legend, Sir Patrick Stewart, reprises his role as Jean-Luc Picard for an eighth season of the much-famed show. The show picks up after the destruction of planet Romulus and the death of Data. Apart from Sir Patrick, the series stars Isa Briones, Santiago Cabrera and Michelle Hurd. Watch a new episode every Friday.

31 January – Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer

Watch as Elizabeth Kendall, ex-girlfriend of Ted Bundy, and her daughter, Molly, break their silence after 40 long years. After countless docu-dramas surrounding the infamous serial killer, we finally get to hear what “really” happened and witness shocking family photos for the very first time.

17 February – Outlander S5

In this Golden Globe-nominated series, the Fraser family must overcome all odds and establish a life for themselves within the New World. But this is easier said than done amidst the socio-political insurgency in North Carolina.

Watch Outlander Seasons 1-4

21 February – Hunters

From the acclaimed director of Us and Get Out comes a story set against the backdrop of seventies New York. A set of Nazi hunters are on a mission to take down an underground Nazi network looking to form a Fourth Reich in the United States and thwart the Nazi’s brutal genocidal plans.

27 March – Making the Cut

12 talented entrepreneur and designer from across the globe, but who will make the final cut and become the next global sensation? It’s up to Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and their expert panel of runaway friends to decide.

Coming to Amazon Prime Video UK later this year

All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur

The perfect pick for the football aficionado and Hotspur fan. The docu-series takes fans behind the scenes of the North London club during a pivotal season for the team. Get a detailed tour of their world-class 62,000-seater stadium, plus the highs and lows of the players as they navigate their way through the game.

American Gods S3

Shadow Moon is a recently released convict in this animated fantasy. He meets a mysterious man named Wednesday who ends up knowing a lot more about Shadow then he lets on. Once Shadow becomes embroiled in Wednesday’s business he uncovers an underworld he never knew existed.

Watch American Gods S1-2

World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji

Bear Grylls hosts the ultimate expedition race between teams in which they must compete non-stop 24 hours a day, across unforgiving terrain – including jungles, mountains and oceans – until the ultimate winner is crowned. All teams consist of four members (including one of the opposite sex) and all they have to rely on is one assistant crewmember that will help them from their home base.

Hanna S2

Hanna, played by Esme Creed-Miles, was raised in the woods of Eastern Europe and has since become a dangerous opponent from her brutal training. Her survival skills are put to the test when she and her father, Joel Kinnaman, are discovered by a rogue CIA operative.

Watch Hanna Season 1


This web series is based on the comic book by the same name and follows the story of teenager, Mark Grayson. His father, Omni-Man (J.K Simmons) is the most powerful superhero in the world and once Mark begins to gain powers of his own, the truth about his father slowly starts to unravel.

Live Tennis

2020 is an important year for Amazon Prime as it marks the beginning of a four-year deal that will see them deliver exclusive footage of the Women’s Tennis Association tournaments direct to Prime members. Expect a range of coverage over a number of events at no extra cost to Prime customers.

LOL: Last one Laughing

Ten talented Ozzie comedians battle it out in their range of comedic forms. The final funnyman, or woman, standing will win an enormous AUD $100,000. Rebel Wilson presents the show, so expect lots of laughs from start to finish.

The Boys S2

Based on the comic of the same name, this superhero series follows a group trying to expose the most revered superheroes in their society going by the name, “The Seven”. They want civilians to see them for they are power abusing and crooks that they are.

Watch The Boys S1

The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team

The Test picks up after the shocking incident in South Africa that left fans in disarray. Now, with new coach Justin Langer, and access to all areas, viewers are able to get an in-depth look into the Australians cricket teams come back. Will they be able to regain the viewers’ trust and respect again after such a massive sporting debacle?

THEM: Covenant

When Henry and Lucky Emory decide to move their family from North Carolina to an all-white LA neighbourhood, they never expected the supernatural threat that ensued. It’s a battle to protect themselves against the forces beyond their control.

The Walking Dead: The World Beyond

This spin-off from the original Walking Dead franchise will follow the stories of a generation born into the zombie apocalypse. They are a different breed altogether, raised to fight and protect themselves against anyone and anything.

Truth Seekers

This horror-comedy series follows a team of paranormal investigators who post their findings online. After numerous sightings and ghostly experiences, they uncover a little more than they asked for and the fate of the world is left in their hands.


What do you do when you accidentally get your hands on a mythical comic book that lays out dangerous conspiracy theories that might be true? Well, you run from the shadowy deep state organisation that wants you dead, of course.

How much is an Amazon Prime Video subscription?

If you live in the UK, you have three options to access Amazon Prime Video. You can either choose a monthly subscription of £5.99, which only gives you access to all Prime Video content, including thousands of movies, TV shows and even live sporting events from time to time.

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Alternatively, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime for £7.99/mth or £79 a year. We prefer this option because, apart from Prime Video, you get free next-day delivery on thousands of Amazon products, exclusive Lightning deals and November’s much-anticipated, Black Friday, where prices briefly drop to rock bottom.

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How to watch Amazon Prime abroad?

Unfortunately, many popular subscription streaming sites, including Amazon Prime Video UK geo-blocks its service, which means you can’t stream the service from outside the UK unless you use a reputed VPN service. VPNs work by tricking your device into thinking you’re thousands of miles away from your actual location, thereby letting you browse in complete anonymity in just a few clicks.

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You can access Prime Video UK content from wherever you are by simply pointing to a UK server from within the VPN PC program or mobile app. User logs are not stored and your connection will be encrypted leaving absolutely no search history, meaning all your browsing and streaming is virtually untraceable, even to your own ISP. Whilst there are numerous VPNs on the market, there’s only one we completely trust to unblock Amazon Prime Video UK from anywhere.

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