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Samsung InTouch uses Android to bring internet services to older HD TVs

Samsung InTouch

A range of familiar online services in a compact Android-powered add-on

We just saw Samsung’s latest home entertainment gadget, the InTouch. This compact gadget is designed to bring the usual internet services found on new HD TVs to older models. It’s not terribly impressive to behold, consisting of a small gloss black unit that sits on top of your TV and an odd-looking remote control, with a huge array of buttons. But its capabilities are quite impressive.

The InTouch is actually an Android device, running a heavily modified version of Android 2.3. There’s no support for downloading apps, but thankfully there’s plenty built-in already.

Skype is the key feature here, with the devices 3-megapixel webcam providing images for video chat and a two-way microphone for audio. There’s also YouTube, so you can browse and watch videos online, though only up to the 720p resolution of the device. A web browser is also provided and you can browse photos, via external storage attached to the USB port or via a range of to be announced online sites – such as Flickr or Picasa we suppose.

Setting up the device is easy with built-in 802.11n wireless. The only cable, other than power, is HDMI. The accompanying RF remote has a tiny keyboard on it, it looks fine for typing out URLs but a lengthy email could be asking a bit much.

It goes on sale it the US soon, and should be with us by the middle of the year for about £150 inc VAT.

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