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Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 14 surround sound system launched

B&O's latest high end surround sound system melds style with sound for any TV, although it naturally works best with the company's own sets

Bang & Olufsen has launched the BeoLab 14, an ultra-minimal surround sound system that has been designed to meld sound quality with style. In a first for the company, it’s not just designed for B&O televisions, either – you’ll be able to connect it up to any TV set.

Crafted from single pieces of aluminium, each satellite speaker resembles a flower, sat atop a thin aluminium stand, with the accompanying subwoofer looking something like an oversized vase. Mesh speaker grilles come in a choice of six colours, including black, grey, silver, white, red and the blue shown in our images.

B&O BeoLab 14

It’s certainty eye-catching, but the pencil-thin speaker stands help the system melt into the background when they aren’t in use. The stands (£190 a pair, they aren’t included in the system) double as wall or ceiling mounts, giving the system flexibility without having to be professionally installed – although if you want to hide all the cables that’s probably still your best bet.

B&O BeoLab 14

Inside, the single full-range 2.5in driver in each satellite has 140w of sound power pumped from six amplifiers built into the subwoofer. The sub itself has an 8in driver with 280w of power, which should be more than enough to fill a home cinema room with bass.

B&O BeoLab 14

Unlike many full surround sound kits, the BeoLab 14 is actively powered – the circuitry contained within the down-firing subwoofer can can reduce the entire system volume if it detects one channel getting too hot, preventing any chance of unbalanced audio.

B&O BeoLab 14

from a single aluminium tube to polished speaker surround

As the company’s first complete surround sound system, the BeoLab 14 can connect to any TV rather than just B&O sets. However, whereas Bang and Olufsen builds integrated AVR amplifiers into its TVs, which use power link connectors that resemble Ethernet ports, you’ll need to use phono adaptors to connect the set to your existing TV. All the inputs are hidden neatly underneath the subwoofer.

B&O BeoLab 14

Available in 4+1 for existing B&O TV owners, as the TV itself has a centre speaker, and 5+1 for 3rd party sets, the BeoLab 14 is acailable to buy from today at B&O dealers nationwide. Expect to pay £2495 for the 4.1 set or £2795 for the 5.1 system.

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