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End of commuter misery in sight as Philips launches leak-proof mobile headsets

Music Seal Technology means only you are subject to your music

Philips strikes a blow for commuters everywhere with its new Cityscape range of mobile phone headsets, which are designed for music and hands-free calls. The headsets’ Music Seal Technology means your music won’t leak out and annoy those around you, even at very high volumes.

Cityscape Uptown

The pricier leather Uptown model

Two Cityscape models have the technology; the top-of-the-range Uptown and the mid-range Downtown. The Uptown cans are over-ear headphones which seal around your ear, and have a leather headband and cups, while the Downtowns are faux-leather and sit on your ear. Both have a pleasing retro style, and the Downtown headset is available in purple and white as well as black and brown.

Both sets are comfortable and seal well, so you block out much of the noise of your surroundings. We found it easy to adjust the headphones to fit our head, and the cups pressed flat against our ear to make the seal. The Uptown model has punchy bass which doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the music, and a clean and clear sound. The smaller Downtown headset has less bass, but still has a pleasing natural sound.

Downtown purple

The Downtown model is also available in purple and white

Even with our music turned up to dangerous levels, we could detect no sound leakage from either headset – it’s an amazing contrast with the leaky horror than is a pair of standard iPod headphones. The headsets will be available in the UK in late April or early May, and will be around £70 and £100.

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