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Sennheiser HD8 DJ leads CES headphone launches

Sennheiser HD8 DJ

Models announced at CES include three sets built to stand up to the rigors of club mixing

Sennheiser’s most interesting CES announcement was the unveiling of the HD8 DJ, HD7 DJ and HD6 MIX folding DJ headphones, built to withstand regular sets at the clubs.

The HD6 MIX, described as delivering a “balanced, accurate sound for mixing and monitoring work”, is designed with studio production in mind. It has an impedance of 150 ohms, compatible with most studio hardware.

The HD7 DJ and HD8 DJ, meanwhile, are both built for live mixing, with the emphasis on bass and low mid-range tones. Both have an impedance of 95 ohms and the promise of high sound pressure levels means that you should get enough volume out of them to easily work in even the loudest mixing environments.

The top-of-the-range HD8 DJ set has metal moving parts to help it stand up to the wear and tear of life behind the booth and all three sets come with both leatherette and velour ear pads.

A lot of care has obviously gone into the headphones’ design. The ellipical over-ear cups of all three are capable of being swivelled 210 degrees to make it easy to push aside for one-ear monitoring. Like Sennheiser’s Momentum hi-fi headphones, the headphones’ 3m detachable cable has a twist-lock to hold it securely to the earcup, so there’s no chance of become disconnected if you move suddenly or get your cable tangled.

Pricing information has yet to be released but we anticipate the entry level model, like the entry-level version of the Sennheiser’s seminal HD 25 DJ headphones, to be priced somewhere somewhere over £100.

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