Teufel Cubycon 2 review

Tom Morgan
30 Dec 2012
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An excellent all-in-one for films, assuming you have a Smart TV already



Teufel's latest 5.1 speaker system is designed as an all-in-one upgrade that will turn any TV and Blu-ray player into a full-blown home cinema system. The Cubycon 2 has a decoder box with a full range of inputs for all your separates, games consoles and set-top boxes, but it doesn't skimp on sound quality to do so.

Because the system doesn't rely on a third-party amplifier, Teuful has managed to move all the speaker inputs to the subwoofer, letting you hide most of your cables with only a few inputs going into the decoder box. This takes up less room, and should keep clutter to a minimum. The decoder box is about half the size of a regular set-top box, with a two-line LCD display and oversized volume dial on the front. All inputs are on the back. The unit has a stylish appearance that should sit well with the rest of your home cinema setup.

Teufel Cubycon 2 subwoofer

The subwoofer contains all of the speaker outputs and the amplifier

It has three HDMI inputs, all of which support version 1.4a for 3D video playback, and there are also two stereo RCA inputs, two digital coaxial and one optical input, a 3.5mm auxiliary input and radio antennae for both FM and AM stations. There's also a USB port here, but it's only for service updates – you can't play media through the decoder.

Teufel Cubycon 2 decoder box

The decoder box has plenty of inputs for all of your kit

The subwoofer connects to the decoder using three stereo RCA cables, which are included in the box. These are pretty thick and it can take some planning to hide them effectively, but they’re easily long enough to position the subwoofer out of sight.

The sub’s as large as a carry-on suitcase, but is incredibly well made and looks gorgeous in gunmetal black. With a little cable management, we’d happily show if off rather than hide it behind the furniture. It's powered, and has a separate power cable to the decoder box, as well as binding post terminals for connecting each satellite speaker. It also has power and volume controls, should you want to reduce its rumble potential.