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Got a 4K TV? You’ll have to pay more for Netflix in UHD

Netflix raises prices for bandwidth hungry 4K streaming, but it won't affect the majority of users

Video on-demand is an expensive business, mainly due to the incredible amounts of bandwidth used to stream content to millions of users. With 4K video putting an even more significant strain on data pipes, Netflix has confirmed it will be limiting Ultra HD streaming to its most expensive package for new customers in the US.

Speaking to Variety, a Netlfix spokesperson revealed that 4K content would be limited to users on the ‘family plan’ from this month onwards, which costs $11.99 in North America. Although it is implied that existing customers will continue to receive 4K streams if they stick with the $8.99 subscription, new users must take out the more expensive package in order to get higher quality video.

Netflix blamed the cost of producing 4K content as one of the main reasons behind the price hike. It became one of the first companies to produce and distribute 4K video earier this year when it released UHD versions of Breaking Bad and House of Cards, with other Netflix-created content also set to be released at 4K resolutions in 2015 and beyond.

It’s not all bad, though: as well as providing access to 4K video streams, the family plan lets users get Netflix on up to four devices simultaneously, so there won’t be any fighting over what to watch.

There’s currently no word on whether Netflix UK will follow suit, although considering users already have the option to subscribe to the £8.99 family plan and with more 4K content on the horizon, we imagine it’s only a matter of time before UHD TV owners on this side of the Atlantic will have to pay more for their on-demand video as well.

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