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Panasonic adds waterproof ALL05 to multi-room line-up

Panasonic ALL05 hero

With its built-in battery and waterproof body, the Panasonic ALL05 can be used everywhere

One of the issues with multi-room audio systems is that you can’t really use most players everywhere. Panasonic hopes to address that with its ALL05, which has a built-in battery and waterproof body. According to Panasonic, the ALL05 can withstand being submerged for 30m without damage and can take being in a shower for any amount of time. This also means, that you can clean down the player, making it ideal for use in a kitchen, where it may well get grease or sauce on it.

In the demonstration that I saw, the ALL05 was put into a box with water running over it. Impressively, the touch controls on top are still completely responsive. There’s even a voice enhancement button, which boosts the mid-range of the player so that it’s easier to hear vocals when you’ve got running water, such as in the bathroom. The built-in battery will last six hours plus, which is more than enough time for most uses: in the bathroom while you have a shower or bath, or outside in the garden.

Panasonic ALL05 in water

The All05 is a stereo player with a 20W output. It has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, giving you a couple of options for playing music. Of course, the ALL05 integrates with other ‘All’ speakers for proper multi-room audio, such as the brand-new ALL7CD. This model has a funky LCD on the front, which shows what’s playing, and can play music from over the network, Bluetooth or via CD.

Panasonic ALL7CD

It has 4GB of built-in storage, so you can rip up to five CDs in WAV format or 25 CDs if you use MP3. As with the other players, the ALL7CD has restreaming, so you can broadcast anything it’s playing, such as a CD, to other players in your home.

The ALL05 has a retail price of ¢229 and the ALL7CD has a retail price of ¢349. I’ll bring you UK prices, release date when available, and a full review when samples are available.

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