Eminent hdMEDIA Stream DTS Edition EM7075 review

Kat Orphanides
12 Jan 2011
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Although it's easier to use than many basic media streamers, the EM7075 is also much more expensive.


Eminent's budget streaming media receiver is a glossy little black plastic box that won't take up too much room next to your TV. It has just one USB port to connect external hard disks, which could be problematic if your disk requires an extra port for power. There's also the the obligatory HDMI, optical S/PDIF, composite, stereo phono and 10/100 Ethernet ports.

Eminent hdMEDIA Stream DTS Edition EM7075 Ports
Eminent hdMEDIA Stream DTS Edition EM7075 remote

The remote control is small but well designed, with just a few basic buttons to play, skip, navigate and access options. There's no alphanumeric pad, which isn't a serious problem as there's an on-screen keyboard. However, the keyboard is in alphabetical order which makes it a little slow to use letters if you're used to a QWERTY layout. The remote's buttons are oversensitive, too, making it easy to click through two menus by holding a key for too long.

The streamer has an unimaginative but nicely designed ribbon interface, with icons that bear more resemblance to the features they're supposed to indicate than most. When you select each, a further set of options becomes visible below. Network gives you the option of accessing UPnP, Samba and YouTube options. The next ribbon tabs are Video, Music and Photos, which only display content if you have a USB hard disk connected.

The YouTube interface takes a little getting used to - in order to play a video properly, you have to first select it, then press the options button and choose fullscreen from the menu. Even more irritating is the client's inability to play older YouTube videos – it only supports recent videos which are H.264 encoded, so you'll find that some content gives you a codec error and refuses to play. The EM7075 also has an integrated NAS server as well as BitTorrent and NZB Usenet download capabilities, but these can only be used if you connect a USB hard disk.

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