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Lindy Box-Type Projector Bracket review

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Price when reviewed : £73
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A secure way to fit your projector to a wall, but the small size of the box limits the number of models it's compatible with

Wall-mounting a projector can be an expensive task, with most mounting kits costing the better part of £200. However, Lindy’s modular projector mounting kits are designed to keep prices down, such as the Box-Type Projector bracket. This is actually only one part of the kit, as you’ll also need a projector pole that sets the distance from the mount of your projector.

Depending on where you need to mount your display, there are two options: the 31cm to 41cm Short Wall Mount Projector Pole (part code 40847, £33 including VAT) and the 73cm to 123cm Long Wall Mount Projector Pole (part code 40846, £45 including VAT).

Lindy Box-Type Projector Bracket

The bracket is designed to house projectors weighing up to 11.5kg inside a secure cage. It provides sufficient load-bearing capacity for a typical home cinema model, but the box that houses the projector size seriously limits which projectors you’ll be able to use it with. If you’ve got a larger model than will fit in the mount, the X-Type Projector Bracket (part code 40849, £20 including VAT), which is compatible with the same mounting poles, might be a better choice. This has no box and the X-Type bracket screws directly into your projector’s mounting socket, allowing it to work with a wider variety of models.

The box is made of four discrete metal parts, which can be adjusted to a range of dimensions – its internal measurements can have a width of between 180mm and 280mm and a height of between 50mm and 120mm. The bottom piece has a fixed depth of 250mm, but will safely support shallower and slightly deeper projectors. Most consumer DLP projectors, although light enough, are too broad to fit inside the box, but it’ll easily handle many smaller business-style projectors.

Lindy Box-Type Projector Bracket vertical

The bracket is held together by slots and screw pillars, which you secure using domed nuts to hold everything in position. Adjusting the bracket can take a bit more force than we expected, particularly when you extend it fully, and it’s possible to mark the bracket pieces in the process. There’s also a risk of scratching your projector’s finish. To help protect it, Lindy has provided adhesive foam strips to attach to the bracket, but this can slightly reduce the amount of space available for your projector.

Once the mounting pole is securely attached to a wall, it’s easy to securely connect to the box mount. The Box-Type Projector Mount is a neat a cost-effective way to securely attach your projector to a wall, but it’s limited by the size of projector that you can use.



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