Optoma HD25 review

Katharine Byrne
2 May 2013
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Superb image quality and 3D support, and 3D glasses are included in the box



1,920x1,080 resolution, 2,000 ANSI lumens, 97x324x234mm, 3.1kg

The Optoma HD25 is billed as the ultimate 3D projector. It’s a bold claim considering how much one’s enjoyment of 3D varies from person to person, but this 1,080p DLP projector really is in a class of its own when it comes to 3D home cinema.

Optoma HD25

Its picture quality is stunning. With a brightness of 2,000 ANSI lumens, colours were rich and vibrant even with all the lights on in our brightly lit test room. As with most home cinema projectors, you’ll get the best picture when the lights are turned off, but even ambient light in the background didn’t disrupt the overall image quality.

Its in-depth menu settings were equally impressive. It has five 2D colour modes (Cinema, Reference, Photo, Bright and User) and two 3D colour modes (3D and a second User mode). Each one is customisable and has settings for brightness, contrast, sharpness, colour and tint, and its advanced menu options cater for noise reduction, gamma, colour temperature and individual colour settings. It's easy to navigate too, even in the dark, thanks to a backlit remote.

Optoma HD25

We used the default Cinema settings during our testing, as this produced the deepest and most accurate colours. Contrast levels were equally excellent and we were able to pick out a very high level of detail in darker film scenes without compromising its bright and vivid colours. Blacks were very slightly grey in places, but overall they were much deeper than other projectors we’ve seen in this price range. We were a little disappointed to see that altering the various settings in the menu system slowed down the frame rate slightly, but otherwise images were very smooth and judder-free.

Optoma HD25

Its integrated 10W speakers were another highlight. Not only did they have enough volume to fill our large test room, but the HD25 also has extensive audio controls that allow you to alter the levels of bass and treble (or turn it off altogether if you’d rather connect it up to a different audio source). Having quality speakers can be useful if you want to take the projector to a friend's house or use it in a different room. However, for proper home cinema, you're better off with a dedicated surround-sound system.

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