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Watch out Sky and Virgin – Xbox One DVR/PVR is coming 2016

Xbox One PVR

Microsoft finally deserves to get Windows 10 into living rooms with powerful Xbox One DVR/PVR

Microsoft has always had ambitions in the living room, most notably the Media Centre edition of Windows XP, but it’s never got close to its goal of having Windows in every room in your home. Today it took a huge step forward though in announcing an incredibly richly-featured PVR capability for its Xbox One console.

The PVR (or DVR as Microsoft calls it) functions will allow you to record live free-to-air TV via the digital tuner device it launched earlier this year. You will have all the usual options to record individual shows and set up series links, buit it also has playback options that most PVRs can only dream of.

For instance, you’ll be able to stream shows from your Xbox One to any Windows 10 device (desktop PC, laptop, tablet or even mobile phone) in your home via the Xbox app. Better still, you’ll be able to download shows recorded on the Xbox One to any of those devices and so watch them on the go without an internet connection. 

Xbox One DVR PVR

The Xbox One will record shows in the background without impacting gameplay or other activities. You should also be able to ‘snap’ a window beside your main gameplay so you can grind up to the next level in an RPG while also watching the latest episode of Great British Bake Off. You’ll even be able to schedule recordings while on the go via the Xbox app on any Windows 10 device, so you’ll never miss a show again.

It’s worth noting that today Microsoft also announced that Windows 10 will be running on Xbox One by the end of the year. And with that the circle is complete and Microsoft will finally be executing Windows code under your TV, just without any overt Windows branding.

Xbox One DVR PVR

Of course a relatively expensive games console with subscription-free channels isn’t going to worry the likes of Sky or Virgin quite yet. However move forward a year or two and the Xbox One will likely cost as little as £150 and it already has good support for the likes of Netflix and other streaming and catch-up services. But with recording, Free-to-air you can watch anywhere, and the pick of net TV, plus gaming capabilities for £150 that’s a very tempting proposition even for largely non-gamers.

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