Sharp launches 90in AQUOS LC-L90LE757, officially Europe's largest LED TV

Tom Morgan
18 Jun 2013

Sharp is now selling Europe's largest LED TV, the AQUOS LC-L90LE757, through selected retailers, but only for the super-rich; it costs £12,000


Sharp has officially begun selling the 90in AQUOS LC-L90LE757 in Europe, marking the first time such a huge TV has been available to buy on this side of the Atlantic.

Officially the world's largest commercially avaiable LED TV, the LC-L90LE757 is the flagship model in Sharp's big-screen AQUOS range. It has a 1080p resolution and uses Sharp's XGEN panel for Full HD active 3D video and 200Hz motion processing. It's also more than six feet wide, which has to be seen in action to truly appreciate just how big a screen it is.

As you might expect from a high-end TV in 2013, the LC-L90LE757 is fully connected with Sharp's AQUOS NET+ 2.0 smart TV platform, which includes a web browser, YouTube web video and on-demand film services. However, don't expect the full collection of catch-up TV like you'll find on Samsung's F8000.

It's also compatible with Sharp's AQUOS Remote Lite app for iOS and Android, letting you control the TV from your smartphone or tablet.

At 1.2m tall, it's certainly not going to fit in every room, and will dominate the ones that do have space for it. Sharp has included a Wallpaper mode, displaying your choice of image at a low brightness level, in order to give some character back to a room now filled with an excessively big TV. Without its stand, the set weighs 64kg, so it's not impossible to wall-mount it either. Sharp also suggests sitting 3.5m away from the screen to appreciate it in full, which certainly puts us our tiny flat out of the running.

Such a huge TV comes with an equally large price, with the LC-L90LE757 set to retail for £12,000 here in the UK. However, when you compare it to the current crop of 84in 4K TVs from LG and Samsung, it's around £6000 cheaper - hardly a bargain, but if you want to go big it's pretty much your only choice.

If we can knock a hole in our labs big enough to fit it inside, we'll hopefully be taking a look at the Sharp range later in the Summer.

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