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Cyber Monday: The Philips 7304 TV is over £400 cheaper than usual at Amazon

You can save over 40% on this UHD 4K mid-range TV right now

Black Friday might be over, but don’t think for a second you won’t some incredible deals out there still – such as the huge price drop that Amazon has slapped on two TVs from the Philips 7304 range.

Since Cyber Monday has traditionally been a sales day that’s focused on tech products, we’re not surprised to see the immense discount on the 50-inch and 55-inch models from Philips’s 7304 range pop. The former has had its price reduced by a staggering 41% and is now just £591, while the latter has been discounted by 35% and comes in now at only £749.

Buy the Philips 7304 now from Amazon

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Of course, retailers have a habit of listing rather over-inflated RRPs – but we’ve done some digging, and we can confirm that the 50in PUS7304 was still costing a grand back in October, while the 55in model was going for £1,150 at the beginning of last month. Both TVs’ prices have been yo-yoing for the past few weeks, but since we’re at the very zenith of deals season right now, we’re doubtful their prices are going to fall any lower.

Rather endearingly, Philips named this mid-range entry into their 2019 line-up of televisions ‘The One’. You know, the name you might call your special someone. Or Keanu Reeves in The Matrix. The nomenclature might be something to do with the fact that while Philips also launched higher-end premium TVs with more impressive specs, the brand new full well that most people want to keep their spending in what you might call the non-oligarch price bracket – they know full well there are superior sets out there, but this is the one for them.

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The 7304 is a mid-range TV that will keep all but the most discerning telly connoisseurs out there happy. It uses three-sided Ambilight technology, in which LED lights essentially project light from the screen on to the surrounding walls, making the 4K, Ultra HD image even more immersive. Sound is powered by Dolby, while the Android platform has all the major streaming services ready at the touch of a button.

This is one of dozens of TV discounts we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks – but not all of them have been this good. Luckily, you can avoid the duds by taking a look at our TV deals page for a complete run-down of the best discounts on televisions that we’ve seen so far. And when more price drops appear in the Cyber Monday sales, as they surely will, we’ll keep the page up-to-date with the latest deals.

Buy the Philips 7304 now from Amazon

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