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Best TV wall mount 2023: Sturdy brackets to wall-mount your TV with confidence

With our selection of the best wall mounts for TVs you will be hanging up your beloved UHD telly in no time

Whether you’re low on space or want to add a streak of stylish flair to your living room, if you plan to put your new TV up on the wall then you’re going to want the best TV wall mount possible. No matter how much cash you splashed on the telly – it could be a flagship OLED or a budget-friendly LCD – it deserves to be displayed in a way that makes the absolute most of it. Sure, you could stick it on a regular stand, but hang it on the wall and it will turn into a veritable work of technological smart art.

However, choosing the best TV wall mount for your needs can be tricky. That’s where we come in, helping you out with a handy guide featuring reliable TV wall mounts to suit any budget and style of TV. While some manufacturers, such as Samsung, produce their own wall mounts to match their specific TV ranges, third-party mounts are also available, usually at a lower price, often offering more flexibility, and always VESA-compatible. What’s VESA? We will come to that in a bit.

Best TV wall mount: At a glance

How to choose the best TV wall mount for you

What are the different types of TV wall mount?

The first thing you need to know is that not all TV wall mounts are the same. There are three main varieties to choose from and they all have their own perks. So let’s get into it:

Fixed mount: This is the most basic form of TV wall mount out there, positioning your TV almost flush to your wall to give as discreet an appearance as possible. While this simplistic approach can be desirable for some, fixed options often don’t allow any movement or tilt of the TV whatsoever. With fixed mounts, it’s also vital to check that installation will not block any of the TV’s inputs once it’s up on the wall.

Tilting mount: These mounts allow you to angle the TV to better suit your environment. If you have to mount your screen higher than you might like (more on that in a minute), then you can adjust it to suit viewing from a lower position. Also, if reflections are an issue, you can simply tilt the TV away from them.

Full motion mount: Then there is the circus contortionist of the TV mount world, the full motion mount. These fully flexible, movable mounts offer a plethora of possibilities when it comes to positioning your screen, allowing you to extend out, tilt, turn and manoeuvre your TV into the exact orientation you desire.

Why is mounting height so important?

When flat-panel TVs first arrived on the UK market back in the late 90s, those that could afford them lapped up the idea of having a TV they could hang on the wall. The trouble was, many of these early adopters ended up with neck and back pains due to the fact that eager custom installers hung the TVs too high, meaning owners were stuck staring upwards for hours on end.

To avoid that fate, mounting your TV at the correct height is utterly essential. This, of course, depends on the height of both you and your seating, plus your distance from the screen, but as a rule of thumb always ensure the centre of your TV is in the centre of your line of sight and that the screen is perpendicular to your line of sight too.

What else do I need to know before mounting my TV?

If you’ve just spent a fair stash of cash on a lovely new TV, you won’t want to see it come crashing down on day one. First of all, you should check that the structure of the wall you’re planning to use is capable of supporting the combined weight of the screen and mount. If you have any doubts, call in a professional.

You also need to check for any wooden battens, water pipes and wires that may make the installation process a misery. To this end, use a quality stud-finder to check for potential problems, and if you’re not 100% confident, again, call in a professional.

Finally, once you’re happy to go ahead, you can get to work as per the instructions that come with your mount, making sure to use a spirit level and only the hardware included, as per VESA compatibility.

And what is VESA, exactly?

VESA, formally known as the Video Electronics Standards Association, is the display standards organisation responsible for the four circular threaded holes found on the back of TVs. Your VESA standard is the distance between these holes measured horizontally, then vertically, in millimetres, from the centre of each hole. For example, a TV mount stating a VESA compatibility of “75 x 75mm to 400 x 400mm” means that it will work with all TV VESA standards from 75 x 75mm up to 400 x 400mm, including all the sizes in between.


The best TV wall mounts to buy in 2023

1. Eono Fixed TV Wall Bracket: Best basic fixed TV wall mount

Price: £22 | Buy now from Amazon Sometimes all you need is a quick and simple means to get your TV mounted with minimal fuss; the Amazon-own-brand Eono ticks those boxes. A fixed mount option, the Eono marries an ultra-slim design with the ability to take TVs from 26in up to 55in in size and up to a hefty maximum weight of 45kg.

Offering VESA compatibility from 75 x 75mm all the way up to 400 x 400mm, this low-profile wall-hugger has an easy three-step installation system: 1) attach brackets to the back of the TV; 2) install wall plate; 3) hang TV. An elegant mounting solution for those happy to have their TV fixed firmly in one place, it’s important to note now that the Eono is designed for 8-/16in wood studs and concrete/brick wall installation, and not for drywall/plasterboard alone.

Key specs – Movement type: Fixed; VESA compatibility: 75 x 75mm to 400 x 400mm; TV size: 26–55in; Dimensions: 238 x 430 x 33mm; Max load weight: 45.5kg

2. VonHaus TV Bracket: Best TV wall mount for full flexibility

Price: £30 | Buy now from Amazon 
Adding a little more flexibility to your viewing angles and also upping the options on screen size capability, this slick screen mount from VonHaus not only comes with a spirit level built-in to help with the installation process, it also offers a super-slim wall profile of just 6.5cm and a VESA capacity from a minimum of 75 x 75mm to a maximum of 600 x 400mm.

Strong enough to take a weight of 75kg, the other advantage the VonHaus offers over fixed mounts is that it allows owners to tilt the screen both up and down to -15° and +15°. Designed for solid wall or single stud installation, and compatible with every variety of VESA-based TV, so confident is VonHaus of the reliance of its product that the mount comes with an epic 25-year warranty!

Key specs – Movement type: Tilt; VESA compatibility: 75 x 75mm to 600 x 400mm; TV size: 32–70in; Dimensions: 221 x 754 x 533mm; Max load weight: 75kg

3. ProperAV Swing Arm Full Motion TV Bracket: Best wall mount for smaller TVs

Price: £23 | Buy now from Amazon  
When you want full motion mount flexibility at a low price, and you aren’t fussed about how flush it sits to the wall, then the Proper Swing Arm is the mount for you. It’s aimed at smaller scale screens, ranging from 23in up to 42in, with a maximum load restriction of 30kg and, as such, only offers a VESA compliance of 75 x 75mm up to 200 x 200mm.

Able to swivel 90° left to right and tilt from -20° to +20°, the arm can fully extend out to 466mm, giving ample flexibility for viewing angles, while a built-in cable management system helps keep unsightly leads out of sight. Coming complete with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee, if your installation area is restricted, the Proper will open it right up.

Key specs – Movement type: Swing Arm; VESA compatibility: 75 x 75mm to 200 x 200mm; TV size: 23–42in; Dimensions: 232 x 466 x 115mm; Max load weight: 30kg

4. One For All WM4661 Full Motion TV Bracket: Best TV wall mount for large screens

Price: £76 | Buy now from Amazon  The One For All WM4661 is a true all-rounder option for those who’ve strayed towards the upper echelons of flatscreen size. Although it’s capable of accommodating TVs as diminutive as 32in, it can comfortably handle much larger models measuring up to 84in and weighing as much as 60kg.

A full motion mount with a huge 120° turn and a 20° tilt, owners can retract, tilt and swivel their TV to the perfect viewing angle, while an integrated cable management system helps hide all the cable clutter. Built-in setup tools assist in easing installation, and there’s an accompanying free app available to walk you through the process. It’s VESA compliant from 200 x 200mm up to 600 x 400mm, and a 10-year guarantee is included for added assurance.

Key specs – Movement type: Full motion; VESA compatibility: 200 x 200mm to 600 x 400mm; TV size: 32–84in; Dimensions: 430 x 510 x 660 mm; Max load weight: 60kg

5. AVF JML8650 Flat TV Wall Bracket: Best TV wall mount for any wall type

Price: £88 | Buy now from John Lewis Offering universal compatibility with VESA standard TVs from 37in up to 80in, this fixed dual mount system is an amateur installer’s dream, suitable as it is for attaching to plasterboard, wood and metal stud, brick, dot and dab, concrete or a combination of those wall types, thanks to its UNIMAX Any Wall Mounting technology.

Capable of bearing a 55kg load, even if you fluff up the installation, the mount’s clever Easy Glide system allows for quick and easy post-mount TV levelling. Meanwhile, cable access is made gloriously easy: simply pull the TV forward and up from off the wall, letting the mounts take the weight. Although this is a fixed mount and therefore unable to offer any tilt or swivel manoeuvrability, it does allow possibly the easiest and most convenient installation experience available.

Key specs – Movement type: Fixed; VESA compatibility: 350 x 200mm to 800 x 400mm; TV size: 37–80in; Dimensions: 915 x 368 x 12mm (HxWxD); Max load weight: 55kg

Buy now from John Lewis

6. Unho Tilt Swivel TV Corner Wall Mount Bracket: Best TV wall mount for corner installation

Price: £38 | Buy now from Amazon It’s all in the name, really – for while other mounts covered here also function well when in a corner, the Unho has been designed specifically for installation on separate adjacent walls. VESA compatible from 50 x 50 right up to 600 x 400, the Unho can technically hang TVs from 32in to 65in, though if used in a corner as intended, the reality is only up to 45in – larger TVs would touch the walls.

Weight-wise, the Unho can handle 35kg, while its 90° left and right swivel and 15° up and down tilt allows for the most comfortable viewing angle every time. When flat back against the wall, there’s a pleasingly low profile of 2.87in distance from the wall, while in use it can extend a whole 17in forward. Despite its unique dual-wall design, the Unho can also be installed on a single wall.

Key specs – Movement type: Full motion; VESA compatibility: 50 x 50 to 600 x 400mm; TV Size: 32-65in; Dimensions: 701 x 228 x 78mm (HxWxD); Max load weight: 35kg

7. AVF Standard Flat To Wall: Best TV wall mount for those on a budget

Price: £20 | Buy now from GED Outlet  As straightforward as it gets when it comes to flatscreen mounts and at a price that will help cushion the financial shock of the cost of the TV itself, the AVF Standard Flat To Wall offers simple, no-frills screen mounting. A fixed mount (so pre-check for any potential port blocking issues), this mount gives a flush finish for TVs weighing up to 15kg and comes VESA compatible from 50 x 50 to 200 x 200mm.

All fixings come included for solid or stud walls, while a Cavity Wall Fixing Kit is available separately for plasterboard, and installation is a simple matter of attaching the wall plate to the wall, the TV plate to the back of the TV, and then hanging the TV. If you don’t require all the swivelling and tilting bells and whistles of pricier mount models, this perfectly strong and functional option is all you need.

Key specs – Movement type: Fixed; VESA compatibility: 50 x 50 to 200 x 200mm; TV Size: 12-39in; Dimensions: 220 x 220 x 15mm (HxWxD); Max load weight: 20kg

Buy now from GED Outlet

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