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Enjoy cutting-edge features and incredible pictures with Samsung’s 2023 TV range

Considering buying a new Samsung TV? The QN800C, QN90C and S95C are three great options catering to a wide range of audiences

Whatever your TV needs this year, Samsung has a model for you. From 8K displays to the latest OLEDs with Quantum Dot technology, the brand has developed state-of-the-art features designed to deliver the best possible picture quality.

Samsung pioneered the development of ultra-high-definition 8K TVs and offers more choices than any other manufacturer. The 2023 8K range represents the pinnacle of Samsung’s TV lineup, with stunning designs, the unique One Connect box and the Tizen-powered operating system with its comprehensive choice of video streaming services, including Disney Plus*.

Samsung QN800C: An exceptional 8K option

A perfect example is the 75in QN800C Neo QLED, which uses an 8K panel and includes all the class-leading features you’d expect from Samsung.

Pixel-rich picture performance

The QN800C leverages Quantum Dot technology for a naturally bright and colourful picture. This nanotechnology transforms light into colours that are brighter and purer, in more than a billion shades. The result is more cinematic colours, with detailed shades, greater realism and improved accuracy – with the latter validated by colour experts Pantone.

The QN800C uses Mini LEDs to generate the light that the quantum dots transform into more lifelike and accurate colours. It has the highest density of Mini LEDs to date, each of which is approximately the size of a grain of sand. Thanks to Samsung’s Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, these Mini LEDs are precisely controlled to create inky blacks, increased HDR brightness, exceptional contrast and superbly detailed pictures.

Speaking of detail: an 8K panel has more than 33 million pixels, and it requires a serious amount of brainpower to take that resolution and apply image processing. Thankfully, the QN800C also has the Neural Quantum Processor 8K, Samsung’s most intelligent AI-powered processor, which has 64 neural networks and automatically learns by analysing the picture on a scene-by-scene basis and optimises the picture and sound to what you are watching, and where you are watching it.

Super-smart upscaling and wide viewing angles

This processor also allows the QN800C to upscale any lower-resolution content to incredible 8K picture quality. The result? The Mandalorian on Disney Plus will look even more cinematic, upscaled from its native 4K on the 8K panel. If you fancy some native 8K content, there’s an 8K YouTube preset within the user interface, while PCs with the latest graphics cards can even game in 8K.

The QN800C doesn’t just deliver amazing 8K images: thanks to Samsung’s Ultra Viewing Angle technology, you also don’t have to be sitting directly in front of the TV to get the best experience and can still enjoy a perfect picture even when off to the side. In addition, Samsung’s critically acclaimed Anti-Reflection technology absorbs light hitting the screen to minimise glare, so you don’t need to close the curtains for a midday movie marathon.

Immersive audio reproduction

Of course, the picture is only half the experience, and the QN800C’s Object Tracking Sound Plus audio system ensures the acoustics are equally impressive. It reimagines cinematic sound by building eight speakers into all sides of the screen, creating a realistic and immersive soundscape.

The Object Tracking Sound Plus processing produces sound that follows the action on the screen, while the addition of Dolby Atmos will make you feel like you’re in a cinema as helicopters fly overhead. Thanks to Samsung’s Q-Symphony feature, you can also integrate the QN800C with a supporting soundbar, allowing you to utilise all the combined speakers and even benefit from the increased processing power of the TV itself.

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Samsung QN90C: A magnificent mid-range 4K Neo QLED

If you prefer a 4K TV, the 55in QN90C is a perfect choice. Not only does it have a gorgeous design and Tizen-powered operating system, but it also benefits from some of the same technologies found in the higher-end QN800C.

Quantum dots plus Mini LEDs equals incredible onscreen images

For a start, this Neo QLED 4K TV is powered by quantum dots, for a picture that’s naturally bright and colourful. See everything you watch come to life with greater detail and realism – the sky is brighter, the grass is greener and the details are clearer. Whether it’s TV, movies or games, the colours will always look better and more lifelike.

The QN90C also uses Mini LEDs in its backlight, and these are precisely controlled to create an incredibly well-defined picture with deep blacks, boosted HDR brightness levels, intense details and greater contrast in every aspect of the picture.

It’s intelligent as well, with a Neural Quantum Processor 4K that’s Samsung’s most advanced 4K processor to date. This AI-powered “brain” uses 20 neural networks to optimise the picture, unleashing the full potential of 4K. Learning scene by scene, it automatically optimises the brightness, expands the contrast, enhances objects and upscales content to incredible 4K picture quality, regardless of how it was originally filmed.

You can experience this brilliant picture from every angle, with minimal distracting glare thanks to the QN90C’s Ultra Viewing Angle technology and Anti-Reflection Screen. Every seat is the best in the house, and any reflections are absorbed to reduce glare, so you’re not distracted from the action on screen.

Atmospheric sound courtesy of OTS Plus and Dolby Atmos

The inclusion of Object Tracking Sound Plus immersive TV surround sound puts you in the heart of the action. Your TV uses the eight speakers built into the four sides of the screen to move the sound so it follows the action, meaning you’ll be able to track the sound of a car’s engine as it flies across the screen, or the chatter of a conversation taking place in a corner of the frame. In addition, support for Dolby Atmos audio really helps bring the immersion of the multiplex to your living room. You can also use Samsung Q-Symphony to combine the QN90C with any supporting Samsung soundbar for an even more immersive sonic experience.

It’s important to note that the 43in and 50in QN90C instead run Samsung’s Object Tracking Sound Lite, and support Dolby Atmos with virtual height channels rather than physical upfiring speakers.

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Samsung S95C: A simply sensational quantum dot OLED

The QN800C and QN90C are Neo QLED displays, but Samsung’s new 65in S95C combines the latest OLED panel with Quantum Dots for a naturally bright and colourful picture with limitless contrast.

Harnessing the power of OLED technology

Samsung OLED makes use of Quantum Dots to produce true-to-life colour that has been validated for its accuracy by industry experts Pantone. Quantum Dots also support the S95C in delivering leading HDR OLED brightness levels, ensuring everything you see is just as the content creators intended. It brings out bright highlights and pure blacks, creating unbelievable depth in every frame for lifelike picture detail.

The S95C also employs Samsung’s most intelligent AI-powered 4K processor – the Neural Quantum Processor 4K. It uses its 20 neural networks to boost the brightness, colour and detail, allowing the S95C to take advantage of every self-emissive pixel in its OLED panel.

Gorgeous, minimalistic design

Another benefit of the S95C’s OLED panel is that it’s impossibly thin, and the Infinity One Design takes full advantage of this with its sleek and contemporary styling that blends seamlessly into your living space. An attachable Slim One Connect Box further emphasises the ultra-thin proportions and eliminates messy cables by using a single cable to connect to the TV. All your devices plug into the box rather than the back of your TV, and they can be placed up to 2.5m away or even hidden in a cupboard. While the S95C looks gorgeous on its stand, by only using one connection cable it looks even more stunning when wall-mounted.

Despite being so beautifully slim, the S95C still includes the Object Tracking Sound Plus audio system with eight speakers surrounding the screen. Once you add Dolby Atmos support, the result is an immersive and cinematic audio experience. Watching The Mandalorian on Disney Plus in Dolby Atmos, spaceships zoom overhead, and monsters roar from every speaker.

Great for gamers

The S95C might be a dream for film fans, but gamers aren’t forgotten either thanks to Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro. There are four HDMI 2.1 inputs with support for 4K at 120Hz and VRR, plus a Game Hub and useful Game Bar, but the ability to handle 4K at 144Hz also turns the S95C into the ultimate TV gaming monitor.

Gaming in 4K at 144Hz refresh rates**, the S95C delivers ultra-smooth action and exquisite ultra-high-definition detail on the biggest of screens. Samsung’s OLED 4K TV and HDMI 2.1 inputs work in perfect synergy with next-gen consoles to deliver ultra-low input lag and eliminate the blur between fast-paced images, so you’ll experience incredibly smooth, lightning-quick, immersive 4K gaming.

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*Subscriptions required. Third-party content providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform or stop updating them at any time.
**Max 4K @144Hz. Supports VRR/4K@120Hz as specified in HDMI 2.1.

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