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Samsung PowerStick Pro review: This cordless vacuum takes aim at the Dyson V8

With two brushes, a replaceable battery design and a flexible handle, this might just be the best cordless vacuum cleaner

Cordless vacuum cleaners are incredibly useful – gone are the days of worrying about a long cord dangling behind you. The new Samsung PowerStick Pro offers a removable battery, a two-brush design and a flexible handle that allows you to power through cleaning. Its main rival, the Dyson V8, has been on the market for some time already – so can Samsung really offer something better and sway customers?

Samsung PowerStick Pro review: UK price and release date

The PowerStick Pro will come out in October 2017. As of yet, there’s no official UK price, but given Samsung is positioning itself against Dyson, we’d expect it to be competitively priced. The Dyson V8 Animal costs £350, while the V8 Absolute is £400.

Samsung PowerStick Pro review: Build quality and design

The PowerStick Pro has an innovative design – with the click of the “Flex” button, the cordless vacuum becomes much easier to use. This comes from its head, or as Samsung calls it, the “Flex handle”, which detaches itself from the main body and pivots on a hinge. This makes it much easier to clean hard-to-reach areas and under furniture.

Its head houses the filter, which can be cleaned out. There’s also a removable battery that can be interchanged. A single charge lasts a quoted 40 minutes – but due to its design, an additional battery can double the time you have to clean. Samsung states that the additional batteries will come with a charging stand so you can charge without you having to stop cleaning: a quick swap and you’re good to go.

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The whole vacuum cleaner is charged via a wall-mounted docking station. If wall mounting is an issue, you can always plug it in directly via its proprietary charger.

Moving around with the vacuum cleaner is a pleasant experience. Its cleaning head rotates and swivels with ease, which means you can quickly manoeuvre around corners. Its “Dual Action Brush” makes it more efficient than the the Dyson equivalent. Cleaning becomes much faster as you won’t have to double up on strokes. The brushes can be replaced, but at the time of writing, you’ll need to go to a Samsung repair centre to get them replaced.

Unfortunately, the tube isn’t adjustable, but you’ll be able to detach it from its main body – giving you a portable vacuum for sofas or keyboards.

Samsung PowerStick Pro review: Accessories

Two attachments are provided within the PowerStick Pro’s package: a rectangular brush and a crevice tool. Additional heads, accessories and batteries will be available later in the year.

Samsung PowerStick Pro review: Performance

With 150 watts of suction power, the PowerStick Pro is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner. It will pick up a lot of dirt, which is stored in its 0.35-litre bay. It isn’t overly loud, either, even when you activate boost mode through its trigger, the vacuum cleaner isn’t overly loud, so it’s great if you don’t want to disturb your neighbours during a late-night cleaning session.

Thanks to its dual-action brushes, the Samsung provides a clear advantage over the Dyson V8 – it requires less effort to clean. And based on my demo at IFA 2017, I found the vacuum cleaner to work across different surfaces, from thick carpet to wooden floors.

Samsung PowerStick Pro review: Early verdict

Having tried the vacuum cleaner at Samsung’s booth at IFA 2017, I was impressed by the design, performance and the attention to detail. There’s not much more you’d want or expect from a cordless vacuum cleaner. I look forward to doing a full review when it comes out, but upon first impressions, this provides seriously good competition to the Dyson V8.

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